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Energies of 2015

As always Kay’s talk is very in-depth, which makes it hard to do justice to it with words taken from notes? This year Kay spoke about each number that is contained in the vibration of 2015. Here is the summery of her talk.

This will be an important year for everyone personally and globally. We are at a tipping point in our evolution.

Each year carries the seed for the next year. While we have been in 2014, the seed for 2015 has been brewing under the surface. The first shoots of 2015 have broken through and the seed for 2016 has been planted.

Each person will be having a very personal experience. Everyone will need their own space, to deal with this intense growth period, in their own way. For those who like to get involved and help others will find it more beneficial to take a step back and allow others to struggle, so that they can learn for themselves from the choices they have made so far. We cannot live anyone else’s lives for them, no matter how hard life may be for them. Trust that there is a divine plan in action that may not be apparent in physical terms but will make itself clear when the time is right.

The new energy resonates with the number 5 as its soul vibration. As human beings we are brilliant at finding ways around life to avoid or cope with uncomfortable situations. When this is on a physical level it is easy to practice denial but on a soul level nothing and nobody can hide. The requirements of the soul are powered by divine intention and cannot be ignored. Our soul will always lead us into an exact situation which will ignite the soul path we have contracted to walk.

We now walk through the numbers starting at the last number which as we know this year is a 5 and represents the soul vibration, to 2 which represents the physical vibration for this year.

The vibration of number 5 brings a wonderful chaotic energy which creates change and invention, there is an imbalance and unevenness to 5 energy which can be spiky and unpredictable.

This year will bring more awakening of the spiritual from the physical because 5 energy bursts the boundaries of the reality that we perceive we live in (the 3rd dimension) and stretches us to our limit.

Time is speeding up and our egos will try to keep us in the old boundaries that it is familiar with, this will create inner and outer conflict if we don’t go with the new flow of earth’s energy.

What does this breaking of boundaries mean?

It means that communication on all levels will be out of sync. We communicate constantly with our body, our higher self, our lower self, mother earth and the universe, as well as the outward communication with others within our relationships. All these types of communication will be affected.

Sometimes nothing works for a while then it resets itself. This will be on a surface level all the way down to cellular level. Our cellular interactions will now be different. This is happening now and as the energies of the new year start in the old year, this has been happening to us all for a while now and will be different for each one of us depending on what changes need to be made.

Reality is unravelling. Trying to keep it in the box is not easy or recommended. We are running to catch up physically, this leads to exhaustion. We are feeling tired and that we need more sleep but our minds are too scrambled to rest. This is where your mindfulness training comes into its own.

Intention is important, twinned with willingness as the chaos is abundant.   Chaos is a method of purification. No one can hide in chaos; strength is needed as the norms go out the window. Shifts in the magnetic field of the planet create the shifts within us. Our shield is the willingness to evolve.

We will encounter short term memory loss, cognitive sequencing and rational behaviour will be turned on its head. Mother earth has all we need to navigate this challenging time. By connecting to her vast and powerful light and bringing it up into our being will help to expose what needs to be changed and ease the process of transformation. We must be honest in all ways at all times, denial will hold us back and slow us down. It is time to grow up.

The qualities of number 1 give the direction and propulsion which is moving us forward whether we like it or not! It is the starter motor. Within it there is will and divine power connecting us to nature and source, urging us on to make the changes we need to become our true and authentic self.

When number one is combined with number five and becomes the number 15 the energies increase. At the beginning of the 2000’s we were eased into the new energies with the low numbers, as we move further into the 2000’s this energy becomes more and more refined in its qualities as well as becoming faster in its responses. So if you feel that last year went fast this year will be even quicker! There is a need to keep up by living in the moment and not holding on to the past.

Number 15 is a decision maker. We can now be aware of the choices that are available to us. No longer can we just work from the default mechanism that we have created from our past experiences. Our understanding of duality is much more apparent i.e. essence/form, angel/devil, and good/bad. We start to understand that there is no separation in this duality and that everything exists as a whole and for a purpose. There is no good and bad as this concept comes from the egoic will and not from the higher self/will. Number 15 is about choices and where we make our choices from is key. If we make our choices from the higher self, the divine self, we find that we may not choose the obvious easy choice or the choice from habit or old structured conditioning. We can now have a sense of a wider choice that will create a deeper path of personal understand which leads us out of illusion and into inner peace.

From the 1 and 5 we come to 6 (1+5=6). Number 6 gives us introspection and a chance to go deeper into understanding the self. It has the potential of great discovery but also the potential of self obsession. Like the salt on your dinner number six sprinkles its qualities and flavours number 15 with idealism, devotion, perfectionism, high ideals and self destructive tendencies. There is an element of self sacrifice which can lead to martyrdom if we are lead from my will and not from thy will.

We have a zero. This in numerology is a lens. It can help us gain perspective, focus and clarity to our life path. This may be uncomfortable for some as we start to recognise illusions of the past but very useful for those who want to see the deeper aspects of their egoic responses.

The last number in this year’s sequence is number 2. We have been in 2 energy for 15 years and its effects are becoming more apparent every year. But we are still in the beginning. I wonder how it was in 1015 with the vibrancies of one energy being the physical focus in the beginning of its journey. We all came in this time round at the end of the journey of one energy where it had been influencing the planet for 2 thousand years. It is easy to see the dynamic effect it has had on our evolution. The last century exploded with engineering and technology. It also saw the emerging equality for women, which is no surprise as the energies of 2000 were already coming in during the 1900’s in preparation for the new 2 energy which now dominates our time.

The number 2 brings the ray of love and wisdom. If we correlate it to the chakra system it resonates with the sacral chakra which is the seat of sensuality and feeling. Love is the feeling but it needs to connect with the higher chakras rather than only reacting from the sacral. By connecting to our higher heart and bringing the energy down to support the sacral chakra, we won’t be stuck in the bleeding heart of our own self pity; we will be able to see the higher part we are playing in all of humanity. This will take the compassion of the higher reasoning and help us to trust the bigger picture that we cannot yet see. Love and wisdom is what holds the solar system together and we are a reflection of this, by trusting our wisdom and focusing on love we can navigate uncertainty with confidence.

For the next set of numbers in this numerology I would like to clarify the value of numerology and why it exists at all. Humankind are very powerful beings that can create and destroy at will. Whatever we focus on, create and believe in becomes reality. If you believe that we are separate from the divine source (or God) then you will not understand this. But once we comprehend our divinity in unity we can easily see that we are co-creating our reality as a part of the whole. You and your god have no separation. The world does not do unto you but it creates from within you.

So the creation of measuring time became a real concept and activated another level of energetic responses on the planet. It took a while for each country to adopt the calendar we use today. But now it is firmly in place and a global concept that has created the numerology we can use today. The understanding of numerology is an old concept that has been modernised and now we use it as a useful tool for measuring the potential value and quality of time.

So this brings me to the next bit where we look at the value of 20. The reason for this is simply that we now say twenty fifteen and therefore it becomes alive from the focus it receives.

The value of 20 resonates with divine feminine energy and the creative principle. This beautiful goddess energy has been with us for over a decade but is still in its infancy. It has shyness and can be a little vague because it is not quite sure of itself yet!

The goddess energy of 20 helps with the blending process for bringing the spiritual into matter (physical). It brings us together as a collective and helps us to work as a team, personally and globally. We are, at present, re-defining the boundaries of this new and exciting time.

The next number we look at is 35. We come to this as 20 + 15 = 35.

With number 35 we find the ability to self create. This is self creativity of the multi-dimensional self. It highlights the obstacles thrown up by our ego self which can try and take over but by seeing and feeling from our divine self we can bring all our aspects of self together (physical, emotional, spiritual, etherical.) There are challenges with 35 but with awareness we can reveal the opportunities that these challenges bring and move to the next level.

We now add 3 & 5 together which brings in number 8. This divine number offers us balance, the balance of our physical and spiritual self. It helps us to break down the old to let in the new, so habits and patterns are highlighted in order to be broken and new ways of being come into play. It assists us with our evolution on all levels.

Human beings are light bearers, number 8 helps with the realisation of self as the containers of light. We have the ability to manifest and constantly do but what are we manifesting? Is it heaven or hell?

There is so much noise in our lives today, with the distraction of various media influence we rarely find stillness and peace. This prevents the light from filling our structure and stops us from feeling connected to our divine self. Without stillness and presence we will not live our true life but a life of illusion as the ego self will think it is in charge.

We are beings of light and love. We must now be aware of this in all aspects of our lives, in every minute of every day. For those of you who attend meditation or awareness classes, brilliant, but you must bring what you learn into your everyday life. It is not enough just to attend a class once a week and “do your spirituality”, now you must be it in all that you do. This way we are feeding the collective conscious with love and light and helping humanity to transform.

Your true and natural self is emerging. By taking responsibility for ourselves we remove the suffering that causes us pain and we can then lead by example to those who are not quite there yet. You must come first, your body belongs to Mother earth and is divine presence in itself. By taking responsibility for your body and listening to its cries for help you enable the purification process needed for transformation to authentic self. From there we can help the planet and then the whole.


We all have a unique frequency that supports our journey. The universe has its own sound which we recognise as OHM. BY chanting OHM we resonate with the universe, which can help to bring balance to our being on all levels.

You can connect to your own sound from your name. By chanting the open sounds in your name i.e. the vowels of your Christian name, you can bring wholeness to your being on a personal level and hear your body and spirit as one.

Listen and feel – where in your body can you feel the sound resonating?

The sound is light vibration and it increases with intention. Place whatever you wish within your intention, love, gratitude, peace, authenticity etc. As the light infuses with your body your frequency increases.

If you are interested in sound healing Kay offers sessions in Godalming. Her details are on the light workers hub of taylorlightcreates.com which will be updated soon to include the sound healing and her new number which is 01483 415128.

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Development Day 23rd March 2013



In this toxic world it is important to understand what we are up against.

We are taught to know and understand from experience of, how to keep us safe from the elements and from other human beings, to avoid hurting emotionally, physically and mentally.

We have created many ways, personal and collectively, to avoid confrontation in order to live in harmony with our fellow woman.

We use our 5 senses to assess when danger is around us and we also use our 6 sense to feel it!

We are taught how to recognise danger and avoid it in the physical world.

Equally we know how to protect ourselves from the elements i.e an umbrella for rain or sunscreen for the sun.

We protect our hearts from being broken and our minds from being corrupted by controlling influences as best we can.

Many of you will be able to tell if there is someone in the immediate environment that is creating threatening or moody vibrations.

This gives you an opportunity to move away or help to change the environment and stop any of the negative energy affecting you.

What we are not taught or made aware of is that there is much more out there that can affect us and inhibit our development to peace and happiness.

We are all different and require different sorts of protection.

Some people are very sensitive to negative energy and some who are more hardy have the resilience to brush off comments and criticisms easily or are no so affected by toxic energies or people with vampire tendencies.

But we can learn to be tougher and learn how to protect ourselves from whatever we are sensitive to.

What do we need protection from?

Energies – negative energy from human contact and sick land/buildings

Forms – devises, curses, 

Attachments – Can be earth bound spirits, elementals , ancestors

Entities – non human influences,


Within our planet there are many levels of being.

From lower to upper world there is negative and positive influence.

We have spoken before about the corruption of power that creates negativity in beings of all kinds, including the corruption of self by self.

Any weakness in us will be vulnerable and will require protection. 

This does not include the natural innocence that we hold in the authentic self.

This part of us is untouchable. The soul is unlikely to be damaged except under very serious life learning and usually if a soul experiences this it is part of their contract to do so.

What makes us weak?

Lack of self love is the biggest weakness we have.

Being abundant in self love gives us more strength which in turn gives us more natural protection. Love is the ultimate power.

Illness or weakness in the physical body will also leave openings for attack and attachment.

Negative thinking creates openings for entities to corrupt us and use us for their own negative purposes.

Anger leaves us weak and open to influence.

Self sacrifice or putting the needs of others first at the detriment of self tells the world we are available to be used in any way and by anything.

Denial is when we won’t look at or admit there is a problem in ourselves or with the way we run our life. Pretending everything is fine when it is not leaves us corruptible and open to influence. How can we see what is interfering with us if we won’t look truthfully at who we are and what we are doing?

Martyrdom is another form of denial.

Ego can be denial. To fixed in your ego will block you from receiving protection and creates weakness.

Fear of any kind can weaken your resources and leave you open to all sorts of attachments.

Blocked Chakras stops grounding and stops the flow creativity and life force.

Depression is a state of being very common to modern man, it leaves us weak and vulnerable and unable to defend ourselves from all forms of harm, physically spiritually and emotionally.

Stress brings separation which disconnects us from our life force.

What is protection?

This can mean different things to each person.

We all need different sorts of protection as we are all unique.

Basically it is the prevention of harm therefore spiritual protection is the prevention of harmful influences on the ethereal/soul body.

The dictionary says : Protection

The action of protecting someone or something, or the state of being protected.

A person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury.

Why do we need it?

We need it to help us keep safe in this very busy and spiritually lost society. 

We need it to have the best chance of being the authentic divine self.

We need it if we are healers and are exposed to very toxic environments.

We need it to protect us from ourselves sometimes when faced with difficult choices.

Our guides can help us protect ourselves to a point but the ego mind overrides this most of the time and lack of intuition awareness and action on intuition can inhibit this. “We no listen! “

So we need it to stop us from picking up unwanted energies, forms, attachments and entities.

Who needs it?

This is a personal thing.

Some do not feel they need protection and would rather live in ignorance to what is really out there. We respect them for their views but at some point when on an expansive spiritual path we will discover the need for the awareness of protection.

It is only the truly enlightened who don’t need it because their awareness is so acute and their self love is completely at one with the universe that nothing can corrupt them. It is not that they have better guides or are blessed by god it is because they have transcended the ego and have no fear, they will have total acceptance of their darkness and light and have become one with god. Even then in some situations it is important to be mindful of the situation you find yourself in.

Everyone that is ruled by ego mind – it helps greatly to have some protection when we are out and about. Night time can be a time of reflection and a time when people feel fear the most. Just because you are safe in your bed does not stop you from being you and therefore does not stop the opportunity to be corrupted. This does not mean you should fear the night or sleeping, day time/ night time it is all the same. You would still put on a coat to go out in the rain when it is dark!

Can we be completely protected?

As I have said before we can but only once the ego has died and we are in our true and authentic self.

Then we have total awareness and if anything does try and have a go we are instantly aware of it and can deal with it before it get hold or even gets close!

Otherwise, no you can’t as the negative influences are responding to your needs for life learning and assisting in the challenges that have to be faced in order to evolve.

This does not mean that you stay open and allow everything in. Being mindful of your protection is part of your life learning.

Where does it come from?

It comes from Source.

And we come from source; protection is a natural state of being.

Some people have more of a disposition for protection than others.

It all depends on your developed soul and your human condition.

We have guides and guardians that keep us safe from the influences that are not part of our journey but it helps to have us on side to do this. 

It will be hard for them if you are irresponsible with your life force and body.

It is a bit like having an umbrella that you know won’t keep the hurricane off but you decide to go out in it anyway.

So know your limits, know thy self.

What are we protecting?

We are protecting our energy fields, our body, our mind – our human being.

What else needs protecting?

Home – keeping our homes clear from negativity helps us to stay protected and safe.

Children – Because children are our responsibility we are given authority to keep them protected. We can keep them safe during the day and night using the same protection tools that we use for ourselves.

Work place – it is not always easy to keep public places clear but good intent and positive mental attitude goes a long way to keeping the flow of energy in a work place. Also being aware and alert to changes in colleagues and energies within the building can help you to know how to clear the space.

When do we need it?

If you are practicing healing or working with unknown spiritual beings protection is vital.

Living or working in big cities.

Building on or disturbing the land.

Any time you are in a space with a lot of people – shops, supermarkets, school, night clubs, pubs etc.

Train stations. Tube, airports and bus stations are very toxic.

Our family can be very toxic and have the ability to get in where others may not.

Do we need it?

It is always a choice. If we don’t want to we don’t have to but it is our responsibility.

Can you over protect?

We all need to breathe!

To be too caged will stop all energy exchange and can inhibit our growth.

Love needs to be exchanged and if we are to tightly protected we cannot flow.

What sort of protection do we need?

This will depend on the circumstance and the development of the person.

One of the most dangerous things we have is our mind.

When we have negative thoughts is attracts negativity to us.

Keeping a clear present mind which naturally protects you.

Houses can be cleared of negative energy but most of the time when houses are sick it is the humans living there who are contributing to the house’s state of being or past human suffering of previous owners;  sickness is a human condition generously spread over, beneath and above the earth!

The most common form of protection is using white light.

By submerging your being in white light keeps a powerful but benevolent force field between you and the unseen world.

The food and water we drink can be contaminated by negativity, by blessing your food and drink you are cleansing it and this will help it to be purer for the body and won’t infect it with any lingering energies.

Protection shield can be very powerful. To create one drawn a circle with good intent and place items within it. You can divide the circle up into parts specifying which part is protecting what. Understanding shamanic practice is useful, when we are at one with nature and the elements we can use this to its higher form.

Don’t deny your darkness, if you are under the illusion that you have none, you are exposing yourself to unknown influences that can come and corrupt your pure darkness and feed off your impure darkness.

How do we stay protected?

Awareness and love will help you stay protected.

If we know ourselves well we have the sensitivity to know what is around us and what does not feel right.

Focus on grounding daily and throughout the day.

Cleanse the body and mind at the beginning and end of the day.

Water – running water/ showing can remove toxic energy picked up during the day and night.

Put protection rituals into your everyday life but without fear. Protecting with fear will bring more fear.

Don’t expose yourself to toxic environments when you are under par, physically or emotionally.

Do not practice healing in a place that is not protected or blessed or if you are not feeling good yourself.

Choose your friend and influences wisely.

Don’t expose yourself to negative influences such as the news or pain body television or books.

A good relationship with your guides and guardians will keep you safe. The more we appreciate and connect to them the stronger their influence can be for us.

Keep your chakras clear and closed when not in a sacred environment.

Use the violet flame to stay clear and cleansed.

Salt baths and mindful showering

Create yourself a protection prayer.

Use the divine decree to clear you and your surroundings

Keep your aura clear and unblemished by rips, tears and leaks.

Before spiritual practice check yourself for influences of any kind, pray and power up you chakras and clear your mind of negativity. Ask for protection for you whole being, past, present and future.

After any spiritual practices make sure you are clear/closed and shielded.

Remember everyone has impure darkness within them and that part of them will try and steal your energy or life force. It is not about being paranoid but accepting this and acting accordingly.

Protection Tools

·        Self love

·        Presence/awareness

·        White Light

·        Grounding

·        Meditation/mindfulness

·        Cleansing the aura

·        Affirmations/prayer

·        Forgiveness – I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

·        Crystals

·        Herbs/white sage

·        Sound/frequencies/vibration/chanting

·        Candle light

·        Exercise – bring body into balance makes it stronger

·        Energy medicine

·        Positive thinking

·        Know thy self

·        Guides and guardians/angels and underworld protectors/gatekeepers

·        Protection shields


Protection is a part of life. Life is not to be feared but to loved. While we are on a journey of self discovery protection is an important part of the journey. We can learn so much from the negative aspects of our existence. Whether it is connected to this life or past lives there is a lot to learn from the shadow self. Don’t run and hide but stand still and witness what is and change what need to be change.

The ultimate goal is happiness, use the tools you have accumulated to uncover the happiness that resides in the authentic self. Everything that has been created can be destroyed.

Everything that is, but the spark of divine love that is who we truly are.

Journey without fear and act responsibly, protection is a part of that response.

Love Anna x

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Development Day 23rd February 2013

Earth energies & the elemental kingdom


At the beginning of the earth journey was created by fire.

From this original source the great journey of evolution began.

With water and air creating the atmosphere for change so life began

We can use these powerful elements, earth air water and fire, to connect with her and to feel her power of creation.

Each element has its own Deva.

Each element has its individual life force which holds within it all that she is, all that she has been and that will be created.

All the elements are connected to each other and support our existence and mother earth.

They intertwine and communicate through her, creating the balance for all living things.

Through meditation we can journey to the beginning of time, this shows us which element we resonate with, and so showing us our spiritual origins.

Everything has a vibration of energy or life force that connects all living things.

We are not separate from this but entirely connected. The physical matter is the least important part and is a result of existence not the primary existence.

The mystics of the past used the elements to simply explain the spiritual journey of our planet.

from space, air;

 from air, fire;

 from fire, the waters,

 from the waters, the earth;

 from the earth, plants;

 from plants, food;

 and from food, man..

The elements represent qualities, not physical matter.

space represents expansiveness

air represents mobility

fire represents temperature

water represents fluidity

earth represents solidity

Not literal air, not literal fire, not literal water and not literal earth but qualities.

We use this analogy to help us to understand our journey on many levels.

Scorned by modern scientists, who take it a literal, it is not in their résumé to comprehend the spiritual.

Mother Earth

She is a living organism embodiment the same as all life forms and has her own frequency.

She has a conscious memory.

Complex but simple

As always when we look at the earth we see the duality.

Light and dark, hot and cold, chaos and order, male and female

This is the polarity that creates life and all existence on the planet

There is a natural separation which comes together as oneness.

She is pure power, which as we know is very corruptible and enticing.

She has an underworld of darkness, a middle world, and an upper world of light.

All creation on all levels goes through the earth, our connection to her is essential to our growth and wellbeing.  

She can teach us everything we need to know, nourish us with everything we need to grow and love us unconditionally whether we choose darkness or light.

Her evolution is her journey and has little to do with us.

We do play a role as all living being that dwell on her do but ultimately she has her own agenda.

Species come and they go but she keeps evolving.

Mother earth has her own chakra system.

Spread around the world each chakra is represented in different land mass which brings its influence from the spiralling energy of the particular chakra.

In fact it can be broken down further.

Each country has its own chakra’s within this.

Layers of chakra energy are present over the world.

Chakra Location of the world

Base – Mt Shasta, California, USA

Sacral – Lake Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia, South America

Solar plexus – Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia

Heart – Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England

Throat – Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, Mt of Olives, Middle East

Brow – Mobile (currently stationary) Moves around the world stopping for 150 – 200 year at a time.

Crown – Mount Kailas, Tibet

From this we can see how important it is to care for the whole world not just our bit!


This is a mighty subject which I know a very limited amount. I will do my best to explain what I know today.

On the physical plane of the underworld there are crystalline grids.

These are interconnected webs of intelligent geometric patterns which organise the earth’s energies.

These patterns are like the plutonic solids that you may have seen carved out of crystals, often used for healing work and etherical communication.

Connected through well organised web like systems they are an inexhaustible power supply of earth energy.

Also called unity matrix its job is to allow us to constantly receive and exchange information which is essential for the evolution of all species and aligns us with the master plan.

Each of us has a service to this great plan, together as the collective unified consciousness we help to strengthen the planets network of light and this includes the creation of the inter-galactic bridge.

It is thought that the ancient technology was achieved but tapping into this source.

So this is what is going on in the planet connecting us to all things.

There will be a little more info on this when we look at the other world.

The main responsibility of the underworld is to protect and connect and most importantly to govern the sacred law.


The elements kingdom has many layers of being.

The primary roll of the elements is protection of the law, service and evolution.

There is a hierarchy of beings that function independently and as a collective.

Like us they have their own path of evolution and a path of service to the divine plan.

Like us they have a conscious and therefore are beholden to the polarity of this planet of desire.

They too can be corrupted and work for the shadows/impure dark forces.

The underworld has pure darkness and impure darkness; it pertains to the duality of the planet.

This is all ‘power’ to be used for good and for bad!

They report to source and the collective conscious as we do but they are dedicated to mother earth and by nature of their substance have not denied her as we have.

Once upon a time the land mass of the earth was whole.

Its guardians were simple and their roll was simply to keep all living organisms safe and functioning to their highest possibility.

When the earth broke up and land mass became separate and more help was need.

The planet and all her children multiplied and evolved.

More highly evolved elementals were then needed to ensure the harmony of the planet.

Now there are so many it is hard for the top elementals to keep track.

Now, with the expansion of human conscious and the negative implications of their desires it is drawing more and more elementals to the shadows and promise of power.

They have contracts as we do, scared contract with the divine enforced by the law.

They are stationed and govern different aspects of physical and etherical existence. 

When a contract has run its course the assigned elemental is supposed to report back and surrender its duty but some ignore this and are enticed to the power of the impure darkness.

This is part of the job of a soul rescue healer to flush out and report to higher powers that the land is no longer protected and therefore exposed to all sorts of trouble.

Not all elementals have rolls some are just living their existence, growing and learning as we do.

They reproduce and have little ones as we do.

The come in many different forms, shapes and sizes.

The town elements are different from the country ones and differ from country to country, sea to land.

They support us but can be reluctant, some still hold grudges from way back when there was wars fort and we ignored their cries for help.

But most of them just want to have fun.

They love music and dancing. They love sweets and sugary treats.

They can be naughty and seem to bring devastation but they don’t see it that way they see it all as playtime.

Animals can see the elemental spirits.

It is thought that the animals come from this realm.

Incarnated into the middle world to help keep the balance on earth by bringing pure unconditional love and acceptance to teach us gifts of patience, stillness, and the natural order to name but a few.

How do we perceive elementals?

Because they are energy and have no physical form they are seen by the psychic self, the inner eye the same as Angels are witnessed.

Some examples for reported elementals are –













Mythical creatures of all sorts.

They are grouped according to their element e.g merpeople/undines are water.

Salamanders are fire elementals.

Gnome is sometimes used as a collective name for elves, pixies, sprite etc,

Be kind to the gnomes they are very territorial and can cause havoc if not happy.  

Fairies are a different breed.

The dragon or serpent also represents the geo-magnetic grid of the earth and ley lines, called dragon lines or dragon currents transporting dimensional energy forces.

Within your garden you will have many elementals present, working hard for mother earth.

Contact the chief gnome or garden spirit (I have come across many different ones so be open to who receives you and listen!) who will assist you with whatever you wish to do, whether it is energy clearing, connecting or planting.


Deva’s are earth angels of the world.

They are the wisdom keepers.

They grow and evolve.

Small Deva’s will have a small piece of land/sea to govern.

Larger Deva’s will have bigger land/seas as their charge.

They will govern all aspects of their area, the seas, the air, the rocks and all that exists in their particular regions.

They have gender, either male or female.

Each Deva has its own voice.

It is the Deva that gives the land its own individual energy which in turns brings different culture/flavour/language etc.

If we look at the pure forms of the different religions through the world we see the same message in different forms.  

Each Deva will channel the word of god through its individual personality therefore bringing the same message in various ways.

They are massive guardians of the earth that have been forgotten.

The more they are honoured the more we become united and better the world will be.

They keep balance and witness the development of all beings and the earth.

As we evolve they observe.

They have contracts with the divine.

Dis-empowerment breaks their contract which brings chaos and imbalance. So we don’t mess with the Deva’s!

Listening to the Deva’s powers in the land/sea they will teach you your spirituality.

They often speak in rhyme.

It is such an amazing connection that I would encourage you all to have a go.

Door or Gate Keepers

The door keepers of the earth are responsible for information downloading.

They are rarely seen.

We all have them.

They do a very important job keeping us safe from information overload and stop too much inference entering our system.

The reason that they are in this category is that in my experience they are elemental in appearance, but it is quite possible that they are upper worldly of cosmic beings.

The earth will have her own door keepers.

But so little is known that this is all I can say.

Satan and the dark angels

We have lost the true meaning of Satan through the corruption by the Christian church.

Satan is an original being of pure form protection. 

His is mother earth’s protector, she is mighty so needs a mighty protector.

He governs the Deva’s and the legends.

He is also here as part of the duality needed in order for all beings to learn.

Jesus wouldn’t have been half the man he was without Satan as his adversary!

His role is to corrupt religion, beliefs systems and to create conflict.

For example- addiction is an impure darkness within the personality created by darkness to help us to learn a lesson, possibly within our contract as most addiction is a family affair!

It is the role of the dark angels to create and feed our impurities in order for us to learn through the challenges it brings.

To understand our light we must also understand our dark side.

Middle world

The middle world is the world that we live on, see and understand in physical matter.

The earth crystalline grids correspond to the lay line on the earth’s surface.

Our ancestors understood the power of this energy network and built many different structures on these sacred sites.

Normally they built where the ley lines cross bringing together the masculine and feminine energies thus harmonising and connecting to the power of the earth.

Here is an explanation of the qualities and the point to these powerful energy networks.

‘Serving as human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit pure, love based frequencies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. We build our own networks of light on this consciousness matrix and the channelled webbing expands into greater fields of this mass unification. With aligned intent, we accelerate the unification process especially into the areas of the world not currently being accessed. We greatly assist in the completion of all conflict and bring higher consciousness to the hearts of the multitude.

The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through our unification is to amplify the power of light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will eliminate all major conflict and destructive energy in and among our population. Moreover, this extraordinary field of unification creates an influential force field capable of healing and transforming the multitude and reaching into every corner of the world.’

We used to know, through each incarnation, who we are and what the planet holds for us but over time, as we have incarnated so many times, we have lost our way and the understanding of who we truly are and we have lost the wisdom of the earth.

Quite simply we have forgotten!

We need to remember who we are; we are a child of spirit.

Once we reconnect with our true self we see the glory of god in each moment and in everything we can appreciate the spectrum of all things.

Our connection to the earth becomes truth and we can harmonise with her energies as one within us.

By connecting into the grids we can bring light to the earth and heal the stress in the land created by human negative actions and thought forms.

Healing the land

Over time the earth has experienced a lot of trauma from human power struggles and greed.

Every time a war is fort she retains the scares of this devastation.

Every time a crime on human beings or any beings she is wounded.

This scaring and wounding will healing time but the enormous amount that has happened in the last 200years alone has had a huge impact on her.

We made the mess and we are responsible to heal it.

I have found in my land healing experience that some of the healing has to be done by humans because humans were responsible.

We must remember that she is all physical beings so not just the land and seas are affected.

The trees and the plants, the animal kingdom and our immediate space are also affected by our thoughtless desire to control power.

Not only war, genocide, rape and other volitions are responsible for the earth’s stress. 

Man made creations also put negativity into the earth

Physical levels of land interference –

Geopathic stress (often used as an excuse for everything)

Sick building syndrome

Electromagnetic fields

Radio waves

Nuclear power lines

Mobile telephone masts

Stagnant water (can be buried under ground its energy coming up to the surface)

Waste dump/pollution

Disturbed burial ground/sacred sites

All this create havoc in the earth and to us, creating blockages which then bring illness and disease.

If you would like to give land healing a go, here is a prayer to help you a tune to her frequencies.

Calling upon the sacred guardian of site and place

“I call upon the power & protection of the mother. I recognise love for all her children. And as we speak in the mother’s voice we are calling upon the protection from the darkness and we are calling upon the guidance from the beings of light so that the power and love may come together. And we may re-direct all human souls to their place of comfort. Supportive elemental spirits we invite and welcome you away from those who are disruptive of your own kind.

With these words in place the work shall precede in the name of god the creator of all things. So be it”

We are immortal sprites in human form which gives us the right as spirits to call upon the spiritual laws to bring order.

The indigenous cultures associated the sacred laws with an animal. As follows –


Respect all life on Mother Earth, respect Elders and people of all races. The essence of respect is to give.

Eagle LOVE

Always act in love.  Love the Creator.  Love the Earth.  Love yourself, your family, and your fellow human beings


Listen to your heart, it takes courage to do what is right.

Sabe (Bigfoot) HONESTY

Never lie or gossip, be honest with yourself and others.  Speak from your heart.  Be true to your word.


Everyone has a special gift, show wisdom by using your gift to build a peaceful world.OM


Think of others before yourself; humble yourself to the Great Spirit by being thankful.

Turtle TRUTH

Always seek truth, living the truth is living the Seven Teachings.

The ancients were aware of the earth’s sound and vibration frequencies.

They honoured the earth with offerings of gratitude and celebrated her greatness.

They would call upon mother earth and her gods and goddess’ to restore order and grant them good fortune.

Gods and Goddess’

Localised gods and goddess’ are there to support us in our own locality.

They are not god the creator, mother earth is the core of this world and is the closest we have to the creator as she brings life and death, she is an all knowing being.

She gives birth to all gods and goddess’.

Worshiped Gods and goddess’ are reflections of the truth not the whole truth.

They share aspects of divine truth breaking down the many parts of existence to help us to understand the one true source, light.

You will find your truth within you because you are born of the sacred mother.

Find your connection with mother earth and you will banish all fear.

All manifestation goes through the earth.

Out of the darkness into the light: light is created.

Mother earth herself is a light being.

Beneath the earth is the darkness governed by sacred law.

The middle earth is governed by natural law or universal law.

Deepak Chopra has written a book called The Seven Steps to Spiritual Success.

In this his explains the universal laws.

·       The Law of Pure Potentiality

·       The Law of Giving

·       The Law of Karma

·       The Law of Least Effort

·       The Law of Intention and Desire

·       The Law of Detachment

·       The Law of Dharma

If we follow this basic instruction for life we will live in harmony with the all that is.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

Mother earth is a Planet of desire.

Human beings act on this desire, it is up to the individual to awaken to this desire and work with integrity.

By using the universal laws we can understand our desires and co-create with the universe to fulfil our contract with the divine.

Individually, we each have more of an understanding of each of the realms.

For some it is obvious.

Those who care for the animals and plants are often more comfortable with the underworld.

Those who cannot see beyond the human existence are solely concerned with the middle world.

Those who feel a connection with the stars or with angels are associated with the upper realms.

Some can move easily from one to another, they are very old souls who can remember life times here and elsewhere.

My personal journey – I have an understanding of all realms. I gather information in this life from my own experience and from others. My role is to help others to wake up and to help souls to find their way home.   I am a ferryman for want of a better word. I can assist any being home to any realm. Part of my personal learning is to embrace the darkness, to learn that light is not superior and that the middle world is not hell!

We each have a different role to play while we are here.

It is up to us to find out what this role is through spiritual and emotional development.

One thing is sure; we are the bringers of the light.

All that we do, think and feel has an impact on the earth and humanity.

One way to heal the earth is to heal thy self!

Upper world

The upper world consisted of many parts.

There are energy patterns that mirror the grids on and in the earth.

We have the planets that move and influence matter on earth.

There are aspects of support that help us and mother earth.

Guides and guardian

We all have guides that are assigned to us even before we are born.

They grow with us and will leave us when the time is right and others will then come to match our development.

Guardian and protectors

These will differ from person to person depending on who we truly are and what sort of protection we need.

Angelic kingdom

The most well know help and support.

They govern all things but will not interfere in our path unless we call upon them.

There are other types of Angelic presence that can create and destroy.

Lucifer is an angel, son of the morning star, come to help souls understand the workings of the planet.

There are many more angels working in the lower levels all the way to the upper levels.

They create a pyramid connection. (Wide base of the denser realms to the finer point of the upper realms)

Angelic healing brings light and therefore balances and harmonises.

Angelic energy raises vibrations and through this communication we can understand who we truly are.

Archangels or cosmic angels bring their energy to fuse through to the Deva’s energy to give the Deva’s power. They are the over seers.

There will a blog on the hierarchy of the angelic kingdom to come.

I am not going into the cosmic realms of dimensional beings (UFO’s) today it is too big a subject.

The Grandmother

The grandmother is the great force of compassion and light here to rescue the souls who are lost between worlds.

She has different names in different cultures.

She spans the worlds and brings light to darkness, healing and clearing the way for enlightenment.

She is benevolent and powerful, she brings hope and guidance to those who call upon her.

The Grandfather

The grandfather protects the grandmother.

He is from beyond the earth.

He holds ultimate power over all beings and will not be forgiving of those who do not follow the law.

He rescues earth’s children/beings of all species and can overpower all darkness to bring order.

He works with the earth, the solar system, and beyond to the star children, light and dark. He will only come when absolutely necessary unless you have been chosen as one of his disciples.

Honesty and a pure heart are required to channel this being.

How to use the earth energies for the highest potential?

Labyrinth is a unicursal pathway to knowledge and wisdom.

(It has a single path to the centre and back that is designed to be simple to navigate).

(Walking a labyrinth brings stillness to the mind and at its centre one can connect to the earth and communicate to her many dimensions.)

Connecting to the Devic realms bring enlightenment to the whole being. Much information will be shared and healing can be accessed.

Connect to the crystal grids and align with the forces of all that is.

Crystals come from the earth and have various properties to help us in many ways from healing to connecting with past and present, to understanding forgotten or lost civilisations, memory recall yours and the earth’s.

The Greenman. By listening to the trees and nature, much wisdom is given.

Land, building and personal healing

Crop circles hold power which can be tapped into.

Visit ancient sites

Feng shui uses the earth’s energy to is highest potential.

Bring light into the earth from many sources   of power.

Make friends with the elementals

Positive thinking – reduce the egoic mind!

Work with the elements

Heal the animal kingdom

Don’t buy into fear and human suffering

Pray for healing for the earth and all who dwell on it.

Adhere to sacred and universal laws

Practice forgiveness

There is so much more to learn. This is just a taste of what we live among so go out and explore your world and learn for yourself what gifts and magic it has to offer.

Love Anna x

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Development Day 26th January 2013

Chakra Development

Your knowledge of chakra development and the functions of your chakra’s in crucial to your spiritual development. Understanding how they work for you personally and how they have developed since you were born will help you to see the gifts and the shadows that are affecting your everyday life.

 Journeying with your chakra’s is an adventure of alchemy. Your mission is to turn the negative (lead) into positive (gold). 

We come into this world having travelled through many life times and having gathered experiences both positive and negative. We bring with us into each life what we need to fulfil our sacred contracts and are given all the help we need to honour and complete them.

Within these contracts are the blue prints of life’s challenges and the purpose for our visit here this time round. I would like to explore these contracts with you, in order to understand your purpose and expose your talents, but to fully understand this we must first get to grips with our chakra’s and all the magic they hold for us. 

This is a big subject. Much is written and there are many opinions.

As with all I teach you must take what feels right for you in this moment. Information is always available so never be worried if you feel you have missed anything, it is all about your personal divine timing, you absorb what you are ready to absorb.

What is a chakra?

Chakra’s are wheels of spinning energy centred in certain places on the body. (The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk.)

There are 7 basic chakra but we have more, less commonly written about.

Like a prism the energy from these centres refracting the sun’s rays and forms a rainbow.

Each basic chakra has a colour the same as the colours of a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

In recent years the colour of the top chakra, the crown, has been seen as white, incorporation all colour within its energy field.

As with all life forms within this world the chakra’s have duality, male and female, dark and light, spirit and matter. Giving and receiving is part of the function of the chakra. 

We take in positive and negative energy through life’s experiences and we give out positive and negative energy into the world, all depending on how we have processed life.

Chakra’s are not a physical part of our body they an ethereal presence enabling communication from spirit to matter.   

They influence the physical body, the emotional bodies, feelings and mental patterns and responses. Each chakra has a different relationship with different parts of us.

They have an independent function and a collective connection and response.

The chakra’s in the lower body, closer to the earth, resonate with the physical elements of our existence – action, survival, senses, sexuality, power etc

The upper chakra’s relate to the spiritual/mental realms, working with the symbolic and conceptual understanding of our self and our environment – imagery, language, concept, beliefs,  

The heart chakra is the link that brings them altogether as one united system.

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. The closer to the earth a chakra is the denser it vibrates and the higher we go the lighter they become.

Each one has an association with the elements and sound; there is a different one for each. Chakra dancing highlights this excellently!

Opening our chakras

Your chakras open and close, sometimes without your knowledge so having a good awareness of them is essential to your wellbeing. Walking around in public with open chakras can have consequences!

You can control this with awareness and discipline. 

There are many ways of opening the chakras.

Using visualisation, intention, awareness and trust, your chakras will respond to your wishes.

It is always good to do things with respect, opening your chakras is no different. Ask then politely and they will happily oblige.

Examples of opening –




Spinning discs

Doorway into room


v        It is good to open and close then and sit with them regularly. 

This will help to release any stagnant energy and keep the light inside bright. They can get sluggish which means you feel sluggish.

They can affect your mood, your health, your mental process and your ability to love yourself and others, so keeping balanced and functioning chakra’s is essential to your well being.

What is within them?

Within the chakra system is your information.

It is like you are the computer and each chakra is a floppy disc with different info on each one.

You follow the programming of each one so it is vital that you are aware of what information is held in each one.

If you have for example been brought up in a family where duty is important then that will be programmed into the chakra disc and become your belief to.

These discs are however re writeable, you have free will and choice to change, at any time you wish. This can be easier said than done.

We sometime have the knowledge of how to be more functional but can’t put it into practise; this is where chakra awareness is so useful. Identifying the root of an issue and relating to the appropriate chakra can help you to release, let go and surrender and bring you into a state of balance. We all have the perfect programmes in us but they can be so buried under the dysfunction that we cannot access them. 

Activating & connecting the chakras

As I have said before our chakras are spinning discs.

They are activated by the life force which is channelled through our body from the earth though our feet and spine and from spirit through the top of our heads.

The energy of the earth comes up and the energy from spirit comes down and this creates the spinning.

This activation is beholden to how healthy you are.

If your lower chakras are not developed in a healthy way your connections will be tentative and weak.

For example if your root chakra is underdeveloped or full of fear you won’t be able to ground so you will not feel safe or present and your spirit will find it hard to or not want to, be fully in your body, you will be fearful or needy, this may result in you compensating with the mind which will then disconnect you from spirit.

If one chakra is out of balance they all become out of place. They all relate to each other, communicating through the many subtle bodies in response to the programming of action and reaction.

When we are out of balance we become disconnected from out conscious, from spirit and our guides, from the earth and the elemental kingdom and from each other.

Disconnection is NOT detachment a common mistake from the tricky ego.

When we are in balance we feel present, safe, detached from drama, not ruled but our dysfunctional ego, we can give and receive love, connect to spirit on many levels, earthly, celestial and cosmically.

If you have come today because you want to be more spiritual and be able to communicate and work with spirit (including mother earth as she is one and the same thing) you need to understand this foundation of who you are and how you work.

Your emotion evolution comes hand in hand with spiritual grow and awareness. Your chakra’s are the bridge to the spirit realms. 

Everything is in these chakra’s. Focus, mental agility, ego, sexuality, love, discipline, physical well being, creativity, life force, communication, healing abilities, Peace and happiness -.

What is blocking the chakra?

Trauma – birth, childhood, teenage hood, physical accidents,

Negative experience – disappointments, deceit, lack of love, school,

Beliefs – religion, conditioning, culture,

Lack of trust – abandonment, self belief, self esteem

Habits – addictions, life style

These experiences manifest in the chakras first then we feel them in our emotion and then finally they manifest in the body. This will depend on your personal constitution whether or not you are sensitive to mental, emotion or physical awareness.

What are yours? Are you prone to physical illness or mental/emotional instability?

For some their gifts of spiritual awareness are so acute that they suffer from spiritual attack or interference due to blocked chakras where the flow of life force means that some chakras are excessive in their storing of psychic energy and depleted in the physical or emotional.

Excessive versus depleted chakras

The imbalance in the chakras can be due to an over load or a lack of life force.


For some the coping mechanisms needed to survive create an excess, a build up in fear of letting go.

Fear for many people is not being enough or having enough. So they hold onto everything, energy hoarding. Very popular in this day and age!! 

They take from the earth and from people around them in fear. They become crowded with negativity bringing confusion and no space to process or absorb new information.

And as we know information is not awareness, they will never achieve awareness because there is no space to do so.

This excessive holding will affect every part of their life, overcompensating for example an excessive throat chakra will not stop talking!.

Some may feel they have control over their life if they can just keep everything juggling away in their existence only to crash and burn.


For some holding onto anything can be a challenge.

Not only can they not keep their cup full but they restrict the flow of life force bringing a feeling of emptiness and uselessness.

They will avoid life at all costs. Find it hard to even start let alone finish.

Their heart will be closed making relationships hard or they will withdraw from their body and from the world. For example someone who is deficient in there sacral will not want to try anything new in fear of failure or conflict.

They may try to hand over responsibility to another and get lost in their inability to make a decision.

We can be both excessive and deficient. Each chakra has its own identity; there are no rules to this as we are all so different.

To heal this you need to find out what is happening in each.

It may not be as easy as putting in more energy to a deficient chakra because if the person is not willing to hold the energy it will just fall away.

Equally trying to remove excessive energy may put the person into fear and they will hold on more tightly than before. Understanding the root cause is needed in both cases.

Let us look at each chakra and the possibilities they hold.

The most common way to look at the chakra’s is from the ground up. This gives the first chakra as the Root or Base Chakra.

The book Eastern Body Western Minds by Anodea Judith is excellent at explaining the chakra development. Some of the information below was taken from this book.

Root Chakra.

Colour – Red

Element – Earth

Position – Base of the body/spine

Time – 6 months gestation to 1 yrs born

Development – Physical growth, motor skills, security,

Purpose – Foundation

Function – Grounding, nourishment, nutrition/diet, trust, health, wealth, family, home, manifestation.

Spiritual function – connecting to mother earth, root system, presence, connection to elemental kingdom,

Spirit body – Physical

Vibration/musical note – C/do

Experience – Safety, security, trust, survival, money, home, job, self preservation

Glands – Adrenals

Responsibility to body – Adrenals, regulates salts in the body, stress hormones, fight or flight, bones, spine, legs

Positive – Wellness, grounded, happy with physical body, trust in the world, feeling safe, relaxation and stillness, prosperity/abundance, the right to be here.

Negative – Fear, illness, disconnection, Abandonment, neglect of the physical body, body dismorphia, ungrounded, scattered energy.

Experienced traumas – Birth, abandonment, malnutrition, food issues, surgery, inherited traumas/survival/poverty consciousness, physical abuse/violence.

Excess – over-eating, hoarding, laziness, tired, fear of change, neediness, lack of appropriate boundaries,   greed

Deficient – body disconnection, underweight, anxiety, restless, busyness, fear of money, drama/chaos, lack of focus, fear of life and living, no rights to be here.

Physical disorders – bowel, anus, large intestine, bones, teeth, legs, knees, base of spine, buttocks, eating disorders, regular illness,


Healing the root chakra – reconnect with the body, exercise/yoga/chakra dancing, touch and massage, grounding/connecting to earth plane, clearing child hood/parent issues, reclaiming right to be here.


It is safe to be here.

The earth supports me and meets my needs.

I love my body and trust in its wisdom.

I am abundant in all areas of my life.

I am here, I am real

Sacral chakra

Colour – Orange

Element – Water

Position – Sacral plexus, lower abdomen

Time – 6 months – 2 yrs

Development – locomotion, senses

Purpose – movement and connection

Function – Movement, Sensation, Emotions, Sexuality, desire, need, pleasure,

Spiritual function – inner child, inner goddess, creative ideas, clairsentience,

Spirit body – emotional

Vibration/musical note – D/re

Experience – sensations, feeling and feelings, food, sex, appetite, self gratification

Glands – gonads

Responsibility to body – bladder, kidneys, ovaries, gonads testes, endocrine system, spleen, genitals

Positive – graceful movement, emotional intelligence, pleasure, ability to nurture self and others, embracing change, healthy boundaries, passion, creativity

Negative – Dehydration, jealousy, sexual inhibitions, emotional instability, denial, guilt, lack of sex drive, fertility problems, all water works complaints,

Experienced traumas – sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect/rejection, movement restriction (playpen), moral severity (anti pleasure), alcoholic family environment, inherited family issues

Excess – sexual and pleasure addiction, hysteria, mood swings, crisis/drama junkies, over sensitivity, invasion of others space, seductive manipulation, co-dependency, obsessive attachments.

Deficient – Body rigidity, fixed attitudes, fear of sex, poor social skills, denial of pleasure, fear of change, passionless

Physical disorders – reproductive/menstrual disorders, impotence, frigidity, inability to orgasm, lower back pain, tense ridged body, numb senses, loss or appetite for food/sex/life

Healing the root chakra – movement therapy, emotional release, inner child work, addiction therapy, development of sentient intelligence,


I deserve pleasure in my life

I embrace and celebrate my sexuality

I move with ease

Life is pleasurable.

Solar Plexus chakra

Colour – Yellow

Element – Fire

Position – upper abdomen, solar plexus

Time – 18 months to 4 years

Development – realization of separateness, establishing the self

Purpose – Transformation

Function – energy, activity, autonomy, individual awareness, will, self esteem, power, vitality, reasonability, to act and be an individual, regulating lower instinct chakras

Spiritual function – ego identity, personality understanding, self love

Spirit body – Mental

Vibration/musical note – E/mi

Experience – freedom/power, control, self definition, intellect

Glands – pancreas

Responsibility to body – stomach, liver, pancreas

Positive – responsible, reliable, balanced, effective will, self esteem, balanced ego, confidence, playfulness, sense of humour, spontaneity, self discipline, healthy understanding of personal power, ability to face challenges, self reliant, assertiveness, self honesty, self empowerment, trust in self to navigate life’s journey,

Negative – anger, worry, stress, aggressive ego, lack of humility, shame, fear, frustration, selfish will, deceitful, lying, fear of not having or being enough

Experienced traumas – shaming, authoritarianism, domination of will, physical abuse, fear of punishment, too much childhood responsibility, inherited shame

Excess – dominating, controlling, aggressive, need to be right, manipulation, power hungry, deceitful, temper tantrums, violent out bursts, stubbornness, over ambition, competiveness, arrogance, hyperactivity,

Deficient – low energy, weak will, easily manipulated, poor self discipline, lack of follow through or completion, low self esteem, emotionally withdrawn or cold, attraction to stimulants, victim mentality, blaming of others, passive, unreliable, hating confrontation.

Physical disorders – poor digestion, collapsed middle, IBS, ulcers, spleen problems, muscle spasms, hypoglycaemia, hypertension, disorders of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas imbalance, diabetes, eating disorders, inability to store nutrients,

Healing the root chakra – taking risks, deep relaxation, stress control, high energy exercise, counselling, release let go and surrender, emotional contact, meditation, presence awareness


I honour the power within me

I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly

I can do whatever I will to do.

Heart chakra

Colour – Green with a pink centre

Element – Air

Time – 4 yrs to 7 yrs

Position – centre of chest/ heart

Development – forming peer and family relationships, developing persona

Purpose – Love / balance/humility

Function – love, balance, self love, relationships, intimacy, devotion, giving and receiving

Spiritual function – Love, divinity, bridge between physical and spiritual, to love and be loved, karma clearing past lives, harmony, life force, forgiveness

Spirit body – Astral (bridge between the soul and the physical)

Vibration/musical note – F/fa

Experience – relating, giving, perceptions of love, acceptance

Glands – Thymus

Responsibility to body – heart, lungs, blood, respiratory system, endocrine, immune system

Positive – compassionate, loving, empathetic, self loving, peaceful and balanced, healthy immune system, awareness of divine soul unconditional love, happy with ourselves and other, love of planet earth, total acceptance of who we are and who we have been, sociability, generosity,  commitment to self and others

Negative – suppressed love, feeling unloved and not able to love, emotional neediness, co-dependence, loneliness, grief, loss, no compassion for self or others, disconnection to mother earth and divine soul, rescue tendencies, lack of patience, hatred, bitterness

Experienced traumas – rejection, abandonment, constant criticism, abuse to other chakras, grief, divorce, death of loved ones, conditional love, betrayal, sexual or physical abuse, 

Excess – co-dependency, poor boundaries, demanding, clinging, jealousy, martyrdom, over sacrifice,

Deficient – anti social, withdrawn, cold heart, critical, judgemental, intolerant of self and others, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, fear of commitment, lack of empathy, narcissism

Physical disorders – heart disease, lung cancer, low/high blood pressure, thymus imbalance, asthma, allergies, immune system deficiency, circulation problems, tense shoulder, chest pains, palpitations, fatigue,

Healing the root chakra – Breathing exercises, work with arms reaching out, yoga, self discovery, counselling, emotional release of grief, self acceptance, inner child work, higher and lower chakra integration, self kindness, self love


I am worthy of love

I am loving to myself and other

There is an infinite supply of love for me

I live in balance with others

I forgive myself and others.

I accept myself

Throat Chakra

Colour Light blue

Element – Sound

Time – 7yrs to 12 yrs

Position – throat

Development – creative expression, communication skills, symbolic thinking

Purpose – communication, creativity, to bring forward the creativity desire of lower chakras.

Function – communication, creativity, listening, resonance, finding your own voice,

Spiritual function – clairaudience, hearing/sensing spirit, channelling, inner sound,

Spirit body – Etherical

Vibration/musical note – G/sol

Experience – expressing, receiving, abundance, flowing manifestation,

Glands – thymus

Responsibility to body – thyroid, throat, ears, nose, mouth, jaw, metabolism

Positive – Resonate vice, good listener, good sense of timing and rhythm, clear communication, creative living, creative no, comfortable to speak out, speaks clear truths, good understanding of what is communicated,

Negative – inability to speak ones truth, fear of being seen or heard, oblivious to what anyone else is saying, not listening or hearing, cannot say no,  thinking but not speaking your feelings or view point, allowing other to be your voice, compulsive liar.

Experienced traumas – Lies, mixed messages, verbal abuse, constant yelling, noisy environment, excessive criticism, secrets and treats to tell, authoritarian parent (don’t talk back) alcoholic or chemical dependant family (don’t talk don’t trust don’t feel)

Excess – Too much talking, talking as a defence, inability to listen, poor understanding, gossiping, dominating voice, interruptions, talking for other,

Deficient – fear of speaking, small weak voice, difficulty in putting feelings to words, introversion, shyness, tone deaf, poor rhythm,

Physical disorders – over or underactive thyroid, colds, vocal cord strain and under developed, mouth and gum disease, chronic sore throats, laryngitis, stiff neck, deafness, mute,

Healing the root chakra – Loosen neck, shoulder and release back of heart chakra, release voice, singing, chanting, toning, storytelling, journal writing, automatic writing, practice silence and stillness, non goal creativity, counselling, inner child communication, voice dialog, learn an instrument


I hear and speak my truth

I express myself with clear intent

Creativity flows in and through me

I love my voice, I love to be heard

Brow Chakra

Colour Indigo

Element – Light

Time – Adolescence

Position – middle of forehead

Development – Establishment of personal identity, ability to perceive patterns

Purpose – pattern recognition

Function – Image, intuition, imagination, visualization, insight, dreams, vision, self evaluation

Spiritual function – expansion of awareness, spirit guide/ celestial/ET communication, third eye activation, intuition, archetypes, process of knowledge to wisdom, insight, sacred inner space, illuminates the soul, transcending from the ordinary to conscious to the extraordinary conscious, self evaluation, psychic centre, clairvoyance,

Spirit body – Buddhic/Christic (The Buddhic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality. This allows identity to break free of individuality so that identity can include others; such as family, friends, social group, soul group, and eventually humanity as a whole.)

Vibration/musical note – A/la

Experience – Spiritual awareness, individualized consciousness, to see

Glands – Pituitary

Responsibility to body – brain, pituitary, endocrine system, eyes, , skull, nervous system,

Positive – Intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, good dream recall, able to think symbolically, able to visualize, seeing spirit, good eye sight,

Negative – learning difficulties, can’t see the wood for the trees, no imagination, muddled thoughts, non visualization, lack of focus, lack of trust in intuition, only trusting what you can see, delusional thoughts and visions, paranoia, lack of concentration, inability to hold a thought

Experienced traumas – What you see/feel doesn’t go with what you are told, frightening environments (war zones, violence, very depressed parents) witnessing trauma,

Excess – Hallucinations, delusions, obsessions, difficulty concentrating, nightmares

Deficient – insensitivity, poor vision, poor memory, fear and difficulty seeing the future, lack of imagination, poor dream recall and visualization, denial, one true right and only way,

Physical disorders – dyslexia, eye problem of any kind, left and right confusion, headaches, stroke, neurological disturbances, depression, blindness,

Healing the root chakra – create visual art, visual stimulation, meditation, colour therapy, memory work, connecting image with feeling, dream work, hypnosis, guided visualization, past life regression therapy.


I see all things in clarity

I am open to the wisdom within

I can manifest my vision

I see all that is open to me

Crown Chakra

Colour Violet/White/Magenta

Element – Thought

Time – Early adulthood and after

Position – top of the head

Development – Assimilation of knowledge, development of wisdom

Purpose – understanding

Function – transcendence, belief system, higher power, divinity, union, vision

Spiritual function – connecting us with our spirit home, channel for spirit to come and go, connection to universal consciousness, channel for light, clairsentience,  accessing the higher self, being our potential godlike self,

Spirit body – Causal (the Causal Body, the highest creative aspect of our being; universal consciousness)

Vibration/musical note – B/ti

Experience – universal consciousness, source of direction and intuition

Glands – Pineal

Responsibility to body – cranium, brain

Positive – Ability to perceive, analyse, assimilate information, intelligence, thoughtfulness, awareness, open-mindedness, able to question, spiritual connection, wisdom and mastery, broad understanding, peace with ourselves and spirit, bliss, selflessness, empathy, divine wisdom, acceptance, light body activation, spirituality, to be able to see the bigger picture, devotion,

Negative – depression, confusion, alienation and despair, lack of belief, mythical depression, deadness of spirit, lack of awareness and curiosity,

Experienced traumas – Withheld information, education thwarts curiosity, forced religion, blind obedience, misinformation, lies, spiritual abuse

Excess – over intellectualisation, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation from body

Deficient – spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, ridges belief systems, apathy, domination of others, material importance over spiritual growth, greed

Physical disorders – sleep disorders, depression, body clock, response to sunlight

Healing the root chakra – re-establish physical, emotional and spiritual connection, learning and studying, spiritual discipline, meditation, examine belief system, develop inner wisdom, working with higher power.


Divine resides within me

I am open to new ideas

Information comes to me

The world is my teacher

I am guided by a higher power

I am guided by my inner wisdom


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Development Day 20th October 2012

Letting Go


Once we know what has been released into our conscious awareness we are aware of what we are holding onto and perhaps why? We need to let go!!!


Letting go can be as simple or as difficult as you wish to make it, all depending on your willingness, compassion and determination.


Letting go of part of our identity is a real challenge for our egoic self.



With the need to understand comes the ego. This can trip us up into too much thinking and leads us to going round and round in mental circles!

‘How can I help my ego to let go?’

Re-training the mind into stillness will give you back the mastery of your conscious and help you to have more clarity for awareness.


Our inner child can find it hard to let go even if it means keeping the suffering.


Inner Child

Most of our pain comes from negative childhood experiences. Because we are not equipped to process with awareness, the pain is absorbed, often in an exaggerate way and through coping mechanisms it creates blocks in our chakras. The energy created by this becomes our personal truth. In layers we hold onto these truths in order to survive the continuing dysfunction. If we are nurtured, by being heard and our feelings are validated, we can let go of the negative energy and move forward without holding onto the effects. If, as with most of us, we are denied this vital communication, we hold on tightly and carry it forward in the belief that it is who we are and not experience but our truth.

‘How do i let go of childhood suffering?’

Letting go of childhood pain can be a lengthy process, it is a way bigger subject than can be covered today. Becoming a parent to your inner child can help to readdress some of the issues held in childhood, providing her/him with a safe place to express thoughts and feelings and validating these can be very helpful. Parenting via the universe by letting the universal love parent for you or with you is very powerful. This involves trust in the divine and trusting you are the divine. There are many regression tools that can help you to heal your childhood.



Sometimes what we are holding does not belong to us.


The Tribe

Sometimes it can be connected to ancestral interference or to our living family members.

Looking closely at your family and the way they behave with you and each other is a really useful thing to do. It may reveal patterns of behaviour that have been passed down the family line, repeating again and again, changing slightly in response to the modern times but playing out the same suffering and dysfunctional patterns.

‘Can I let go of inherited pain?’

Ancestral interference can be dissolved with development and/or entity release healing. Our ancestors can feel a responsibility to keep you in a belief that they hold. They may be concerned for you morality or wish to be in control of your journey in some way. I will do a day on Ancestral interference next year it is a big subject.


Not all of our wounds come from the child within. We continue to experience suffering all the way through our lives. Some people can have relatively good childhood and then have trauma experiences later on in life. Just because your parents loved you, does not mean that you have not gathered painful experiences to release and let go.


Areas of life that can challenge us and leave us in trauma



Teenage and grown up relationships





Being a part of or witnessing violence

Sexual abuse

Mental abuse


We can be very honest and open about our issues and understand them but unwilling to let them go!




We can be aware of our dysfunction but refuse to let go out of fear. Fear is in all negative reactions, feelings and opinions.


‘What do you fear?’


Fear of disapproval 

Fear of change

Fear of not being enough

Fear of not being accepted

Fear of the unknown

Fear of my body


Who will I be without…..?


Physical Holding

Addictions – alcohol, drugs, food etc

Possessions – Things belongings, house, car etc

Physical holding is related to coping mechanisms. There is always underline emotional issues behind the physical.


Emotional Holding

We hold onto our negative emotions because our ego needs us to feel safe and they are familiar even if it is destructive and uncomfortable. This can be about any part of us. The negative relationship with our body is an emotional holding.


Spiritual Holding

Fixed beliefs

Fear of God/unknown

Religious trappings

Often inherited or past life but also can be a result of bad teaching or negative experience in childhood or adulthood.


Read – Reading from Emmanuel


What has fear told you would happen if you stopped being afraid? Ponder that as you go off to sleep tonight and write down what comes to you. Make note during the day of fear’s promptings.


Fear is a habit, an addiction, a powerful superstition. It is a useful practice to ask yourself in moments of discomfort, “And what if fear were not here? What would be my experience?” Fear will step in to remind you. “But you can’t do that. You can’t imagine not being afraid. It’s too dangerous.”


“Oh yes I can,” must be your response, “Not only can I imagine it, I can remember it.” Each one of you holds that holy memory of being in the freedom, the joy, and the ecstasy of Home. In your daily life, no matter how much pain and suffering you may encounter, Heaven is with you, and that is what your hearts most want to know.


Fear wears so many labels: common sense, behaviour, responsibility, even “mature doubt”. Jot down what fear whispers. It is simple, extremely important, and powerfully transformative. Fear believes that it is fighting for its life and, as you will discover when you do these homework assignments, it is.



‘Can we let go of the suffering that is in our unconscious and that we are not aware of?’

Yes we can if we have the willingness, to trust the letting go. It is not always possible to identify with the mind what is wounding us. If the wounds are from our very little self we wouldn’t have had the language to understand what was going on at the time. The trick with this is feeling rather than logically analysis.



Things that can stop us letting go


·       Ancestors

·       Entities

·       Inner child

·       Past lives



Pain Bodies




We all have a pain body. We can imagine it as an entity separate from our true self that needs feeding with the fear of our egos.


The collective pain body


We are born into these. Example- female pain body is the memory of the oppression that have been inflicted on women by men and themselves for 2 thousand pus years.




These are negative energies that come in many forms that attach themselves to us for various reasons. They make us feel ‘not ourselves’ and can be picked up or passed down.


Who am I?


What we need to understand is that we are not what we experience and what we feel in our body and mind!

We are an infinite being of love consciousness that is pure and perfect at birth and continues to be perfect through our life until we die and return to source.

We gather experience, negative and positive, and collect it in our mind and body to learn and grow in order to fulfil our contractual agreement with source. It may be that the experiences you have and hold onto are exactly what you have signed up to practice in this life time. The divine gives us all the resources to complete our tasks. It is our hope, willingness, bravery and strength that assist us constantly with our journey to understand self, and therefore understand divine love. So we have chosen our path and with the gift of free will and choice, we can choose what we hold onto and what we let go of!


Ways of letting go!!






Cutting the ties that bind

Self development





To be aware is to be present. In the present we are not in the past or the future but in the now. To be in the past or the future limits us and traps us in illusions. When we are in awareness we are in our true authentic self, this gives us clarity to create a gap between our thoughts and our feelings. In this gap we can let go of any part of our suffering with ease, as the awareness helps us to see the illusions that we are holding onto with fear of letting go.




Love or self love because that is all the love there is, will dissolve all pain suffering and fear.




There are many types of wounds and there are many types of practices that can heal the wounds. Choosing the type of healing you require depends on what is being held on to. Counselling, reiki, soul rescue, theta, hypnotherapy are but a few on the market today!




If we feel that we have been scorned or dishonoured in some way it can be hard to let go because we need to forgive to release and let go of the wound. Letting go of self hatred also requires forgiveness. This can be hard to recognise in the first place in order to be released! But even then once it is released into the awareness, self forgiveness can be the hardest forgiveness of all to let go of!! 


Cutting the ties that bind


This is a meditation visualisation journey practise. It is a powerful way you can let go of the attachments from the past present and future. It can work for all aspects of your inner and outer life. (You can find this here under meditations.)


Self development


You are doing it! Group work, workshops or classes are a very dynamic way to develop but all self development will help you to let go.




Only you can do it!! There must be a willingness in order to let go. Nobody can do it for you or force you into it.



Thoughts of the day


“Only I have the power to truly let go of my fear and of my past.”


“How long will I choose to hold onto the suffering?”


“Make peace with yourself!”



·       The first step is to accept that there is an imbalance that needs addressing.

·       The second step is to identify the imbalance – this can be physical emotional or spiritual, all 3 are intertwined.

·       The third step is to release it.

·       The forth step is the letting go.



Love Anna x

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How to be in 2013?

 Write up by Anna Taylor on a talk by Kay Kraty.

This is a brief translation of Kay’s talk. There was too much in the talk to explain every detail. I have taken the bones of it to explain to you today.

This understanding of the energies of 2013 comes through the discipline of Numerology.

Numerologists use the qualities of the numbers as opposed to the quantity of a number. Each number has its own personality. When a number is teamed up with another number their combined personalities blend together to give a package deal of energetic possibilities.

Why talk about 2013 in 2012?

As we travel through the numbers, they gather the qualities of the previous numbers. For example the quality of the number one is in all numbers.

September resonates with the number 9, the 9th month of the year. It holds all the energies of the previous numbers and has gathered all it can, some may say it represents completion but is in fact taking us to the next number which is 10.

As we move into October, November and December the numbers overlap, ramping up the energies to make the next level. 10,11and 12 are transition numbers which take us into the next year. So in the last three month of the year, we begin to be aware of the energies of the next year, in this case into 2013.

The energies of 2012 has given us alchemy, the ability to reach higher levels of energy which refined out path, bringing impeccability and this makes it harder to stay in imbalance. This brings truths to the surface and leaves us no place to hide!

The solar activities of this year have been accelerated. Scientists have been looking cautiously at the activity. The solar particles from the sun, which are loaded with solar radiation are not forming their normal patterns, and are possibly affecting gravity. This makes sense from a spiritual point of view, helping the ascension to create lightness in our being.

The earth is changing due to the solar activity. The influences of solar flares create these changes, which are interfering with the animal kingdom whose patterns of behaviour are being messed up. As we are also animal so expect your own patterns of behaviour to change.

Technology is being affected and disrupted.

If you look back at the energies of 2012 you will understand in more depth what Kay spoke about for this year. Now we have lived through this year we can understand how it affects us on a personal level.

So into 20 13.

We are still in the energies of the 20 and will be for the next 88 years. We are in the baby stages of 20, still finding our way with this new vibration. The energy of the 20 is femininity, the goddess and with this we can expand and create in a very different way from the one energy that was the last millennium.

Next year brings us the 13. The number 13 can be challenging, it can be a very destructive power which can whip the rug right out from underneath us. It has the power of the one and the spiritual awareness of the 3. 1+3 =4 and the number 4 will bring matter into form.

By standing in our truth and upholding it, emotionally and spiritual, we are in the right place and we will stay upright! 13 energies recognise that spirit is in everything and there is no place to hide. If we are honest and straight up about our flaws we will be in alignment with divine will. Denial will bring confusion and could put you on your back.

The truth will out! 13 brings transparency we can see this already happening, in the news we see exposure to old truths.

As the human body is limited, the change of the consistency of the physical is needed. You will recognise this in your own life with food intolerances and sensitivity to environments.

It is not a time for martyr behaviour but instead make sacred all that you do, ingest and create. The earth’s blue print must mirror that of the divine’s; this means inner purity is needed to align to the pure light energy emanating from mother earths centre.

Be in mindful presence, this will bring you into sink with higher energies. Be flexibly and not ridged in your everyday life. Flow with the universal laws. The discipline can be difficult and hard to achieve but honesty with self and others will get us through these challenging times.

How to be in 2013?

Inner purity and purification

This does not just mean being mindful of the bodies need but it requires us to change our negative responses internally and externally. The intention to purify is powerful, by using your own source/love energy you can create inner cleansing. With food and water, give it as much high energy as you can by blessing it with love and being grateful for it including where it is sourced.

It is important that we learn how to respond to Self –responsibility. This means being responsible for self only. You are not responsible for anyone else’s journey in any way. You may feel that you have to help or take charge of someone else’s life. This only brings you into manipulation. Only they and their god know what is truly needed. Don’t let your own fears interfere with another’s or you may be denying them important experience that they need.

It is up to each one of us to attain our own inner purity. Allow others to make their own decisions. By all means seek knowledge from the experience of others. But allow this knowledge to become your own wisdom. Information is not wisdom, personal awareness is required.

Symptoms in 2013

Deep grief and sadness – we may find that we grieve for the passing of the old order. Remembering who we once were!

Ego crisis – time shifts and magnetic fields change our identity which challenges our egos and the old identities we have created.

Past veils thicken – we will forget much from our past

Present veils thinning – our awareness will become more acute. As in 2012 we become more psychic and sensitive to etheric energies.

Inner Christ child – to understand the needs of the inner child, especially the inner Christ child will help us to recognise our inner divinity. The more we believe in our god/spirit, our true and authentic self, we will become brighter. Nurture it and feed/water it. (Kay called this the Tinkerbell effect. ‘I do believe in fairies I do I do I do’!)

Planetary movement and cosmic forces – this is effecting, amongst other things, the weather and even the food produce. We lost broccoli this year for a time, which greatly upset me!!

Poles shifting – we are shifting as the earth is shifting. Be mindful of the effects on the elements, water, air etc it is all changing.

Methods of exchange – this will have to change. By raising our own vibration and letting go of our fear we will not be affected by the poisonous vibrations this may bring to our environment.  Become the eye of the storm.

Discipline and structure – that we choose and are responsible for. The lower level mind needs to be contained and given structure so the shift does not discombobulate us. 

Honest self examination – Be honest with yourself and be honest with others. It will be useful for us to seek opinion from those we trust. Ask them to give you an honest appraisal of how they see/feel about you. What can I improve? Etc. The saying ‘you can’t see the frame if you are in the picture’ comes to mind.  We can be stuck in our self opinions and evaluations, an external view point can be very enlightening.

We continue to work as a collective. If you are finding it hard to go it alone than seek help. We cannot learn all we need to learn on our own. We are all students and teachers.

I sincerely hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you.

Thank you for listening.

Love Anna x

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Release – Development Day 8th September 2012

Release, let go and surrender is a popular saying in this present day. But what does it mean? Today we explore the understanding of release.

One may think that releasing and letting go are the same thing. But it is hard to let something go that hasn’t been released. The universe flows effortlessly creating and destroying in balance and maintaining harmony. 

We hold onto way too much and this brings imbalance. The ebb and flow of the life force cannot get past the blocks that we create. We can live in self righteousness and self pity, complain, and feel that life isn’t fair. Until we make the choice to release our self from the burdens of our baggage, we will not only be stuck in this negative destructive pattern but it encourages more of the same. As we know, the universe works with The Law of Attraction so what we feel, think, do and be all comes back to us stronger and with more certainty. This is good news for those who are full of love and passion, not so good for those full of sadness and self hatred.

I am not saying it is easy to make the changes necessary to unburden your soul. Living in your own personal hell isn’t ease either but it is familiar! This familiarity can keep us trapped in our own illusions. These illusions build and build, the older we get the more ingrained they become. Fine tuning is necessary and attention to the details is need to release and let go

Today we look at… 


What is Release?


We often instinctively know when something is not balanced and harmonious inside us. 


Examples of indications of imbalance?



Mood swings


A sense of being over or underwhelmed!

Over or under nourishing (food, drink, exercise, sex,)




Sometimes we can’t put our finger on what is wrong this can make us unsure to what it is that is going on within us! We often blame our surroundings or circumstances, perhaps other people in our lives. The part of us that is holding on tight finds it hard to release us from its grip on what it feels is right. This part of us has created a way of surviving and even though the trauma has passed it just won’t let up!


Sometimes this is conscious and sometimes this is unconscious.


What does this mean?

Conscious-we have symptoms that we cannot ignore easily and are aware of the presence of survival self. We may except it or dislike it but we are aware of it.

Unconscious – we are in denial or cannot feel that something is up; we convince ourselves all is normal. Or perhaps what is holding us back is inherited/passed down through the family nurture and has become such an ingrained part of the personality that no separation in awareness is possible.



We are not always ready or prepared to acknowledge, or hear, or

admit the issue.


In this case our very clever coping mechanisms come into play.


What are coping mechanisms?

They are ways that we devise or put into place to cope with situations, people, feelings, when we feel under attack or unsafe in some way. This could include shutting down our emotions, putting up walls, reaching for stimulants, running away, with-drawing physically or emotionally and may more.


What are your coping mechanisms?


Have a ponder on this. Maybe look at how some of your family and friends cope with their dramas. It can sometimes be easier to identify issues in those close to us. We can then look at the reflections of the people in our lives and find out interesting knowledge about ourselves.


“We chase relief from pain rather than release the pain.”


This statement is defiantly in the modern moment of our times. How many of us have been to the Dr’s for help with emotional disease and come away with pills and potions designed to mask and hide pain and not to understand or eradicate it? It is up to the individual to take the brave journey of self discovery to find out how to make the changes necessary to bring us into balance and peace. Society has not caught up yet but it will.

We experience trauma and we collect baggage!

We may not be responsible for the trauma but we are responsible for the baggage. When we look at the life that we lead and the planet that we live on we can see it is polarized. This means there will be love and fear, pleasure and pain, good and bad but all these extremes are subjective. One persons opinion on what is good can be another’s bad and so on. Everyone will have a story, some more extreme than others. To me pain is pain. If a client feels pain in any way it is real and valid no matter what the story. They may not have been responsible for the happening of the pain but they are responsible for holding onto the pain. It has become their personal pain and only they can relieve themselves from it. 

The build up of negative experience and our coping mechanisms become our baggage. This baggage holds us back from reaching our potential.


What does potential mean?

We are beings of pure potential, unlimited in every way. We have the source within us to create whatever we desire. We have the ability to feel happy in each moment and grow with least effort, spiritually, emotionally and physically.



We hold onto all sorts of baggage. For example, the responsibility for others can be become part of our baggage. We are not responsible for anyone but ourselves. Even our children, we have a responsibility to but not for!

What are you holding onto in the belief that it is your duty to be or to do?


We have been programmed to comply with societies needs. We are told it is for the common good when in fact it only serves to control us with limitations. We would be considered to be dangerous if we express and live free thinking and being. Only you can make the changes necessary to free yourself from the baggage given to you and the baggage you have collected.


How to release?


·        The first step is to accept that there is an imbalance that needs addressing.

·        The second step is to identify the imbalance – this can be physical emotional or spiritual, all 3 are intertwined.

·        The third step is to release it.


Then you are ready for…..


·        The forth step is the letting go.

·        The fifth step is surrender.


There are many ways to release; each person will have their own ways to the different layers of dysfunction within them.


Examples: –

v Communication – talking about your feelings will bust open the hidden issues and exposes the ego. By giving yourself a voice your expression brings clarity to any situation and offers it out to the universe. It becomes a collective issue and therefore can receive the help needed to dispel it.

v Healing- All types but especially soul rescue

v Workshops – group work can be a great way to retrieve unconscious imbalance. When we listen to other people speak their truth it can spark an acknowledgement in us. We can then view ourselves from a different perspective and bring a new way of understanding what is truly going on.

v Tears

v Forgiveness

v Acceptance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Love Anna x  

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Spiritual Magic

Magic is creative energy.

Our social understanding of magic holds the view that magic is illusions or tricks that are presented to us by magicians and illusionist, or that it dark and evil and not to be trusted because it is unsafe and can destroy rather than create.

We have lost faith in true magic as an energy source available to all. The underworld or magical kingdom of fairies and the unseen creatures of god help mother earth to keep order. They work wholly with magic and will help us when called upon them to boost our magical gifts to create.

The real magic is universal magic. By changing your perception of magic you will be able to unlock your own power and this will allow you to embrace your own god and enable you to help the world become a more magical place. Whether it is good or bad magic depends on your intention and your definition of good and bad. The universe will respond equally to all.

We feel magic in our hands, we are where we are today because of the magic we create with our hands. In our culture we shake hands as a greeting of respect, exchanging our energy, offering our magic.  If you have ever given or received healing you will have experienced the magic of the universe through your hands or body which brings you into balance with the universe. By balance I mean unity or oneness, dissolving separation between your chakras and opening up communication.

The creative magic of the universe is available to all of us. This powerful life force is constant and unlimited. Some people are abundant with this life force; communicating with the resonance and sound of the universe enabling them to co-create.

We create magic with our thoughts and our actions. It is our choices that define the magic that we use and these choices draw magic to us in each moment of each and every night and day. For most of us this is an unconscious state of being and can be fraught with negativity. We have the power to create or to destroy.

To understand your own personal magic you will need to understand a little of who you are and the potential that you hold. Locked within your being is your potential which can often be hidden within your archetypes.

Very often we are stuck in illusions that create negative self beliefs. These negative beliefs push their way forward into our conscious making judgements and criticisms, our illusionary truth and stop our authentic self being heard.

Which archetype is shouting the loudest and having the biggest intact on your truth?

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Human beings are complex and multi faceted creatures made up of a body, a conscious mind, an unconscious mind and a spirit (which some say is our unconscious mind) All the separate parts of our being collectively work together as a team allowing us to resonate as our whole self. The fact that we are born with these separate parts makes it possible to separate further which creates our archetypes. So within each one of us are many personalities/archetypes helping us to make sense of our existence and to help us to understand the relationships that we have with the world, each other and ourselves.

These personalities have within them the possibility to be negative and positive. We use them to express ourselves in the collective as a response to our ego/identity and when in the positive they can help to create fulfilling relationships with others. In the negative our perceptions are distorted and we find it hard to relate to others in truth and our authentic self gets lost this creates subject illusion instead of objective reality.

It is our childhood experiences that create these archetypes. We draw on our environment using our senses and react to the surrounding influences. These influences can have a positive or negative effect on our ability to self love. They form our identity and if our identity of self (body, mind and soul) is judgemental and full of criticism we are not able to connect to our god and a wedge of separation occurs between the human and the divine self.

To understand our archetypes will enable us break down the illusions and allow us to choose who we would like to be. Free will and choice is our divine right. We do this without blame and with awareness and by using our spiritual magic we can strengthen the positive and let go of the negative.

This can only be done by you, it is our reasonability to create happiness and peace no matter what challenges life his thrown at us. One of the things spiritual magic gives us is the understanding that all is possible.

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First there is an acorn

Early last year, I attended Anna Taylor’s Medium’s class as a relative newcomer.

As usual, Anna set out the guide lines for that evening’s meditation. We should all try to visualize an acorn through its development into a tree and, if possible, take a message from each stage of its development – stressing to me, that I should concentrate on its early development underground before its ascendency.

After our usual preparation of deep breathing and sending our roots down to Mother Earth, I waited.

It was a while before the rain came to germinate the seed. But it did. And I could see the acorn growing to a sapling, when, surprisingly, it was transplanted.

Soon after, I became conscious of the sound of a buzz-saw and could see my sapling growing in an area of cultivation.

  At this time, my spirit companion, St Joan, showed me a long plank of wood, trimmed and ready for use. And whilst the sapling grew into a sturdy oak tree, the image of the plank remained.

Joan’s message was that while the spirit of the tree longs to grow in height and provide homes for birds and other wildlife, it submits to the needs of the planter.

  In the same way, whilst we may desire a long and happy life we must also submit to God’s plan for us – not all journeys are alike.

At the end of the meditation I recounted my story, however, it was not until a day or two later that I realised the poignancy of the message, since Joan was burnt at a wooden stake from a fire lit with kindling wood.

On a lighter note, the story title is adapted from the Donovan song – First there is a Mountain, and recalls the acorn before germination to the point where the outer shell disintegrates – then there is no acorn until, the fully grown tree produces its own acorns – then there is!

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