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on April 17, 2012

Human beings are complex and multi faceted creatures made up of a body, a conscious mind, an unconscious mind and a spirit (which some say is our unconscious mind) All the separate parts of our being collectively work together as a team allowing us to resonate as our whole self. The fact that we are born with these separate parts makes it possible to separate further which creates our archetypes. So within each one of us are many personalities/archetypes helping us to make sense of our existence and to help us to understand the relationships that we have with the world, each other and ourselves.

These personalities have within them the possibility to be negative and positive. We use them to express ourselves in the collective as a response to our ego/identity and when in the positive they can help to create fulfilling relationships with others. In the negative our perceptions are distorted and we find it hard to relate to others in truth and our authentic self gets lost this creates subject illusion instead of objective reality.

It is our childhood experiences that create these archetypes. We draw on our environment using our senses and react to the surrounding influences. These influences can have a positive or negative effect on our ability to self love. They form our identity and if our identity of self (body, mind and soul) is judgemental and full of criticism we are not able to connect to our god and a wedge of separation occurs between the human and the divine self.

To understand our archetypes will enable us break down the illusions and allow us to choose who we would like to be. Free will and choice is our divine right. We do this without blame and with awareness and by using our spiritual magic we can strengthen the positive and let go of the negative.

This can only be done by you, it is our reasonability to create happiness and peace no matter what challenges life his thrown at us. One of the things spiritual magic gives us is the understanding that all is possible.


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