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Spiritual Magic

on April 17, 2012

Magic is creative energy.

Our social understanding of magic holds the view that magic is illusions or tricks that are presented to us by magicians and illusionist, or that it dark and evil and not to be trusted because it is unsafe and can destroy rather than create.

We have lost faith in true magic as an energy source available to all. The underworld or magical kingdom of fairies and the unseen creatures of god help mother earth to keep order. They work wholly with magic and will help us when called upon them to boost our magical gifts to create.

The real magic is universal magic. By changing your perception of magic you will be able to unlock your own power and this will allow you to embrace your own god and enable you to help the world become a more magical place. Whether it is good or bad magic depends on your intention and your definition of good and bad. The universe will respond equally to all.

We feel magic in our hands, we are where we are today because of the magic we create with our hands. In our culture we shake hands as a greeting of respect, exchanging our energy, offering our magic.  If you have ever given or received healing you will have experienced the magic of the universe through your hands or body which brings you into balance with the universe. By balance I mean unity or oneness, dissolving separation between your chakras and opening up communication.

The creative magic of the universe is available to all of us. This powerful life force is constant and unlimited. Some people are abundant with this life force; communicating with the resonance and sound of the universe enabling them to co-create.

We create magic with our thoughts and our actions. It is our choices that define the magic that we use and these choices draw magic to us in each moment of each and every night and day. For most of us this is an unconscious state of being and can be fraught with negativity. We have the power to create or to destroy.

To understand your own personal magic you will need to understand a little of who you are and the potential that you hold. Locked within your being is your potential which can often be hidden within your archetypes.

Very often we are stuck in illusions that create negative self beliefs. These negative beliefs push their way forward into our conscious making judgements and criticisms, our illusionary truth and stop our authentic self being heard.

Which archetype is shouting the loudest and having the biggest intact on your truth?


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