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Release – Development Day 8th September 2012

on September 19, 2012

Release, let go and surrender is a popular saying in this present day. But what does it mean? Today we explore the understanding of release.

One may think that releasing and letting go are the same thing. But it is hard to let something go that hasn’t been released. The universe flows effortlessly creating and destroying in balance and maintaining harmony. 

We hold onto way too much and this brings imbalance. The ebb and flow of the life force cannot get past the blocks that we create. We can live in self righteousness and self pity, complain, and feel that life isn’t fair. Until we make the choice to release our self from the burdens of our baggage, we will not only be stuck in this negative destructive pattern but it encourages more of the same. As we know, the universe works with The Law of Attraction so what we feel, think, do and be all comes back to us stronger and with more certainty. This is good news for those who are full of love and passion, not so good for those full of sadness and self hatred.

I am not saying it is easy to make the changes necessary to unburden your soul. Living in your own personal hell isn’t ease either but it is familiar! This familiarity can keep us trapped in our own illusions. These illusions build and build, the older we get the more ingrained they become. Fine tuning is necessary and attention to the details is need to release and let go

Today we look at… 


What is Release?


We often instinctively know when something is not balanced and harmonious inside us. 


Examples of indications of imbalance?



Mood swings


A sense of being over or underwhelmed!

Over or under nourishing (food, drink, exercise, sex,)




Sometimes we can’t put our finger on what is wrong this can make us unsure to what it is that is going on within us! We often blame our surroundings or circumstances, perhaps other people in our lives. The part of us that is holding on tight finds it hard to release us from its grip on what it feels is right. This part of us has created a way of surviving and even though the trauma has passed it just won’t let up!


Sometimes this is conscious and sometimes this is unconscious.


What does this mean?

Conscious-we have symptoms that we cannot ignore easily and are aware of the presence of survival self. We may except it or dislike it but we are aware of it.

Unconscious – we are in denial or cannot feel that something is up; we convince ourselves all is normal. Or perhaps what is holding us back is inherited/passed down through the family nurture and has become such an ingrained part of the personality that no separation in awareness is possible.



We are not always ready or prepared to acknowledge, or hear, or

admit the issue.


In this case our very clever coping mechanisms come into play.


What are coping mechanisms?

They are ways that we devise or put into place to cope with situations, people, feelings, when we feel under attack or unsafe in some way. This could include shutting down our emotions, putting up walls, reaching for stimulants, running away, with-drawing physically or emotionally and may more.


What are your coping mechanisms?


Have a ponder on this. Maybe look at how some of your family and friends cope with their dramas. It can sometimes be easier to identify issues in those close to us. We can then look at the reflections of the people in our lives and find out interesting knowledge about ourselves.


“We chase relief from pain rather than release the pain.”


This statement is defiantly in the modern moment of our times. How many of us have been to the Dr’s for help with emotional disease and come away with pills and potions designed to mask and hide pain and not to understand or eradicate it? It is up to the individual to take the brave journey of self discovery to find out how to make the changes necessary to bring us into balance and peace. Society has not caught up yet but it will.

We experience trauma and we collect baggage!

We may not be responsible for the trauma but we are responsible for the baggage. When we look at the life that we lead and the planet that we live on we can see it is polarized. This means there will be love and fear, pleasure and pain, good and bad but all these extremes are subjective. One persons opinion on what is good can be another’s bad and so on. Everyone will have a story, some more extreme than others. To me pain is pain. If a client feels pain in any way it is real and valid no matter what the story. They may not have been responsible for the happening of the pain but they are responsible for holding onto the pain. It has become their personal pain and only they can relieve themselves from it. 

The build up of negative experience and our coping mechanisms become our baggage. This baggage holds us back from reaching our potential.


What does potential mean?

We are beings of pure potential, unlimited in every way. We have the source within us to create whatever we desire. We have the ability to feel happy in each moment and grow with least effort, spiritually, emotionally and physically.



We hold onto all sorts of baggage. For example, the responsibility for others can be become part of our baggage. We are not responsible for anyone but ourselves. Even our children, we have a responsibility to but not for!

What are you holding onto in the belief that it is your duty to be or to do?


We have been programmed to comply with societies needs. We are told it is for the common good when in fact it only serves to control us with limitations. We would be considered to be dangerous if we express and live free thinking and being. Only you can make the changes necessary to free yourself from the baggage given to you and the baggage you have collected.


How to release?


·        The first step is to accept that there is an imbalance that needs addressing.

·        The second step is to identify the imbalance – this can be physical emotional or spiritual, all 3 are intertwined.

·        The third step is to release it.


Then you are ready for…..


·        The forth step is the letting go.

·        The fifth step is surrender.


There are many ways to release; each person will have their own ways to the different layers of dysfunction within them.


Examples: –

v Communication – talking about your feelings will bust open the hidden issues and exposes the ego. By giving yourself a voice your expression brings clarity to any situation and offers it out to the universe. It becomes a collective issue and therefore can receive the help needed to dispel it.

v Healing- All types but especially soul rescue

v Workshops – group work can be a great way to retrieve unconscious imbalance. When we listen to other people speak their truth it can spark an acknowledgement in us. We can then view ourselves from a different perspective and bring a new way of understanding what is truly going on.

v Tears

v Forgiveness

v Acceptance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Love Anna x  


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