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Development Day 20th October 2012

on November 8, 2012

Letting Go


Once we know what has been released into our conscious awareness we are aware of what we are holding onto and perhaps why? We need to let go!!!


Letting go can be as simple or as difficult as you wish to make it, all depending on your willingness, compassion and determination.


Letting go of part of our identity is a real challenge for our egoic self.



With the need to understand comes the ego. This can trip us up into too much thinking and leads us to going round and round in mental circles!

‘How can I help my ego to let go?’

Re-training the mind into stillness will give you back the mastery of your conscious and help you to have more clarity for awareness.


Our inner child can find it hard to let go even if it means keeping the suffering.


Inner Child

Most of our pain comes from negative childhood experiences. Because we are not equipped to process with awareness, the pain is absorbed, often in an exaggerate way and through coping mechanisms it creates blocks in our chakras. The energy created by this becomes our personal truth. In layers we hold onto these truths in order to survive the continuing dysfunction. If we are nurtured, by being heard and our feelings are validated, we can let go of the negative energy and move forward without holding onto the effects. If, as with most of us, we are denied this vital communication, we hold on tightly and carry it forward in the belief that it is who we are and not experience but our truth.

‘How do i let go of childhood suffering?’

Letting go of childhood pain can be a lengthy process, it is a way bigger subject than can be covered today. Becoming a parent to your inner child can help to readdress some of the issues held in childhood, providing her/him with a safe place to express thoughts and feelings and validating these can be very helpful. Parenting via the universe by letting the universal love parent for you or with you is very powerful. This involves trust in the divine and trusting you are the divine. There are many regression tools that can help you to heal your childhood.



Sometimes what we are holding does not belong to us.


The Tribe

Sometimes it can be connected to ancestral interference or to our living family members.

Looking closely at your family and the way they behave with you and each other is a really useful thing to do. It may reveal patterns of behaviour that have been passed down the family line, repeating again and again, changing slightly in response to the modern times but playing out the same suffering and dysfunctional patterns.

‘Can I let go of inherited pain?’

Ancestral interference can be dissolved with development and/or entity release healing. Our ancestors can feel a responsibility to keep you in a belief that they hold. They may be concerned for you morality or wish to be in control of your journey in some way. I will do a day on Ancestral interference next year it is a big subject.


Not all of our wounds come from the child within. We continue to experience suffering all the way through our lives. Some people can have relatively good childhood and then have trauma experiences later on in life. Just because your parents loved you, does not mean that you have not gathered painful experiences to release and let go.


Areas of life that can challenge us and leave us in trauma



Teenage and grown up relationships





Being a part of or witnessing violence

Sexual abuse

Mental abuse


We can be very honest and open about our issues and understand them but unwilling to let them go!




We can be aware of our dysfunction but refuse to let go out of fear. Fear is in all negative reactions, feelings and opinions.


‘What do you fear?’


Fear of disapproval 

Fear of change

Fear of not being enough

Fear of not being accepted

Fear of the unknown

Fear of my body


Who will I be without…..?


Physical Holding

Addictions – alcohol, drugs, food etc

Possessions – Things belongings, house, car etc

Physical holding is related to coping mechanisms. There is always underline emotional issues behind the physical.


Emotional Holding

We hold onto our negative emotions because our ego needs us to feel safe and they are familiar even if it is destructive and uncomfortable. This can be about any part of us. The negative relationship with our body is an emotional holding.


Spiritual Holding

Fixed beliefs

Fear of God/unknown

Religious trappings

Often inherited or past life but also can be a result of bad teaching or negative experience in childhood or adulthood.


Read – Reading from Emmanuel


What has fear told you would happen if you stopped being afraid? Ponder that as you go off to sleep tonight and write down what comes to you. Make note during the day of fear’s promptings.


Fear is a habit, an addiction, a powerful superstition. It is a useful practice to ask yourself in moments of discomfort, “And what if fear were not here? What would be my experience?” Fear will step in to remind you. “But you can’t do that. You can’t imagine not being afraid. It’s too dangerous.”


“Oh yes I can,” must be your response, “Not only can I imagine it, I can remember it.” Each one of you holds that holy memory of being in the freedom, the joy, and the ecstasy of Home. In your daily life, no matter how much pain and suffering you may encounter, Heaven is with you, and that is what your hearts most want to know.


Fear wears so many labels: common sense, behaviour, responsibility, even “mature doubt”. Jot down what fear whispers. It is simple, extremely important, and powerfully transformative. Fear believes that it is fighting for its life and, as you will discover when you do these homework assignments, it is.



‘Can we let go of the suffering that is in our unconscious and that we are not aware of?’

Yes we can if we have the willingness, to trust the letting go. It is not always possible to identify with the mind what is wounding us. If the wounds are from our very little self we wouldn’t have had the language to understand what was going on at the time. The trick with this is feeling rather than logically analysis.



Things that can stop us letting go


·       Ancestors

·       Entities

·       Inner child

·       Past lives



Pain Bodies




We all have a pain body. We can imagine it as an entity separate from our true self that needs feeding with the fear of our egos.


The collective pain body


We are born into these. Example- female pain body is the memory of the oppression that have been inflicted on women by men and themselves for 2 thousand pus years.




These are negative energies that come in many forms that attach themselves to us for various reasons. They make us feel ‘not ourselves’ and can be picked up or passed down.


Who am I?


What we need to understand is that we are not what we experience and what we feel in our body and mind!

We are an infinite being of love consciousness that is pure and perfect at birth and continues to be perfect through our life until we die and return to source.

We gather experience, negative and positive, and collect it in our mind and body to learn and grow in order to fulfil our contractual agreement with source. It may be that the experiences you have and hold onto are exactly what you have signed up to practice in this life time. The divine gives us all the resources to complete our tasks. It is our hope, willingness, bravery and strength that assist us constantly with our journey to understand self, and therefore understand divine love. So we have chosen our path and with the gift of free will and choice, we can choose what we hold onto and what we let go of!


Ways of letting go!!






Cutting the ties that bind

Self development





To be aware is to be present. In the present we are not in the past or the future but in the now. To be in the past or the future limits us and traps us in illusions. When we are in awareness we are in our true authentic self, this gives us clarity to create a gap between our thoughts and our feelings. In this gap we can let go of any part of our suffering with ease, as the awareness helps us to see the illusions that we are holding onto with fear of letting go.




Love or self love because that is all the love there is, will dissolve all pain suffering and fear.




There are many types of wounds and there are many types of practices that can heal the wounds. Choosing the type of healing you require depends on what is being held on to. Counselling, reiki, soul rescue, theta, hypnotherapy are but a few on the market today!




If we feel that we have been scorned or dishonoured in some way it can be hard to let go because we need to forgive to release and let go of the wound. Letting go of self hatred also requires forgiveness. This can be hard to recognise in the first place in order to be released! But even then once it is released into the awareness, self forgiveness can be the hardest forgiveness of all to let go of!! 


Cutting the ties that bind


This is a meditation visualisation journey practise. It is a powerful way you can let go of the attachments from the past present and future. It can work for all aspects of your inner and outer life. (You can find this here under meditations.)


Self development


You are doing it! Group work, workshops or classes are a very dynamic way to develop but all self development will help you to let go.




Only you can do it!! There must be a willingness in order to let go. Nobody can do it for you or force you into it.



Thoughts of the day


“Only I have the power to truly let go of my fear and of my past.”


“How long will I choose to hold onto the suffering?”


“Make peace with yourself!”



·       The first step is to accept that there is an imbalance that needs addressing.

·       The second step is to identify the imbalance – this can be physical emotional or spiritual, all 3 are intertwined.

·       The third step is to release it.

·       The forth step is the letting go.



Love Anna x


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