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How to be in 2013?

on November 8, 2012

 Write up by Anna Taylor on a talk by Kay Kraty.

This is a brief translation of Kay’s talk. There was too much in the talk to explain every detail. I have taken the bones of it to explain to you today.

This understanding of the energies of 2013 comes through the discipline of Numerology.

Numerologists use the qualities of the numbers as opposed to the quantity of a number. Each number has its own personality. When a number is teamed up with another number their combined personalities blend together to give a package deal of energetic possibilities.

Why talk about 2013 in 2012?

As we travel through the numbers, they gather the qualities of the previous numbers. For example the quality of the number one is in all numbers.

September resonates with the number 9, the 9th month of the year. It holds all the energies of the previous numbers and has gathered all it can, some may say it represents completion but is in fact taking us to the next number which is 10.

As we move into October, November and December the numbers overlap, ramping up the energies to make the next level. 10,11and 12 are transition numbers which take us into the next year. So in the last three month of the year, we begin to be aware of the energies of the next year, in this case into 2013.

The energies of 2012 has given us alchemy, the ability to reach higher levels of energy which refined out path, bringing impeccability and this makes it harder to stay in imbalance. This brings truths to the surface and leaves us no place to hide!

The solar activities of this year have been accelerated. Scientists have been looking cautiously at the activity. The solar particles from the sun, which are loaded with solar radiation are not forming their normal patterns, and are possibly affecting gravity. This makes sense from a spiritual point of view, helping the ascension to create lightness in our being.

The earth is changing due to the solar activity. The influences of solar flares create these changes, which are interfering with the animal kingdom whose patterns of behaviour are being messed up. As we are also animal so expect your own patterns of behaviour to change.

Technology is being affected and disrupted.

If you look back at the energies of 2012 you will understand in more depth what Kay spoke about for this year. Now we have lived through this year we can understand how it affects us on a personal level.

So into 20 13.

We are still in the energies of the 20 and will be for the next 88 years. We are in the baby stages of 20, still finding our way with this new vibration. The energy of the 20 is femininity, the goddess and with this we can expand and create in a very different way from the one energy that was the last millennium.

Next year brings us the 13. The number 13 can be challenging, it can be a very destructive power which can whip the rug right out from underneath us. It has the power of the one and the spiritual awareness of the 3. 1+3 =4 and the number 4 will bring matter into form.

By standing in our truth and upholding it, emotionally and spiritual, we are in the right place and we will stay upright! 13 energies recognise that spirit is in everything and there is no place to hide. If we are honest and straight up about our flaws we will be in alignment with divine will. Denial will bring confusion and could put you on your back.

The truth will out! 13 brings transparency we can see this already happening, in the news we see exposure to old truths.

As the human body is limited, the change of the consistency of the physical is needed. You will recognise this in your own life with food intolerances and sensitivity to environments.

It is not a time for martyr behaviour but instead make sacred all that you do, ingest and create. The earth’s blue print must mirror that of the divine’s; this means inner purity is needed to align to the pure light energy emanating from mother earths centre.

Be in mindful presence, this will bring you into sink with higher energies. Be flexibly and not ridged in your everyday life. Flow with the universal laws. The discipline can be difficult and hard to achieve but honesty with self and others will get us through these challenging times.

How to be in 2013?

Inner purity and purification

This does not just mean being mindful of the bodies need but it requires us to change our negative responses internally and externally. The intention to purify is powerful, by using your own source/love energy you can create inner cleansing. With food and water, give it as much high energy as you can by blessing it with love and being grateful for it including where it is sourced.

It is important that we learn how to respond to Self –responsibility. This means being responsible for self only. You are not responsible for anyone else’s journey in any way. You may feel that you have to help or take charge of someone else’s life. This only brings you into manipulation. Only they and their god know what is truly needed. Don’t let your own fears interfere with another’s or you may be denying them important experience that they need.

It is up to each one of us to attain our own inner purity. Allow others to make their own decisions. By all means seek knowledge from the experience of others. But allow this knowledge to become your own wisdom. Information is not wisdom, personal awareness is required.

Symptoms in 2013

Deep grief and sadness – we may find that we grieve for the passing of the old order. Remembering who we once were!

Ego crisis – time shifts and magnetic fields change our identity which challenges our egos and the old identities we have created.

Past veils thicken – we will forget much from our past

Present veils thinning – our awareness will become more acute. As in 2012 we become more psychic and sensitive to etheric energies.

Inner Christ child – to understand the needs of the inner child, especially the inner Christ child will help us to recognise our inner divinity. The more we believe in our god/spirit, our true and authentic self, we will become brighter. Nurture it and feed/water it. (Kay called this the Tinkerbell effect. ‘I do believe in fairies I do I do I do’!)

Planetary movement and cosmic forces – this is effecting, amongst other things, the weather and even the food produce. We lost broccoli this year for a time, which greatly upset me!!

Poles shifting – we are shifting as the earth is shifting. Be mindful of the effects on the elements, water, air etc it is all changing.

Methods of exchange – this will have to change. By raising our own vibration and letting go of our fear we will not be affected by the poisonous vibrations this may bring to our environment.  Become the eye of the storm.

Discipline and structure – that we choose and are responsible for. The lower level mind needs to be contained and given structure so the shift does not discombobulate us. 

Honest self examination – Be honest with yourself and be honest with others. It will be useful for us to seek opinion from those we trust. Ask them to give you an honest appraisal of how they see/feel about you. What can I improve? Etc. The saying ‘you can’t see the frame if you are in the picture’ comes to mind.  We can be stuck in our self opinions and evaluations, an external view point can be very enlightening.

We continue to work as a collective. If you are finding it hard to go it alone than seek help. We cannot learn all we need to learn on our own. We are all students and teachers.

I sincerely hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you.

Thank you for listening.

Love Anna x


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