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Development Day 23rd February 2013

on August 2, 2013

Earth energies & the elemental kingdom


At the beginning of the earth journey was created by fire.

From this original source the great journey of evolution began.

With water and air creating the atmosphere for change so life began

We can use these powerful elements, earth air water and fire, to connect with her and to feel her power of creation.

Each element has its own Deva.

Each element has its individual life force which holds within it all that she is, all that she has been and that will be created.

All the elements are connected to each other and support our existence and mother earth.

They intertwine and communicate through her, creating the balance for all living things.

Through meditation we can journey to the beginning of time, this shows us which element we resonate with, and so showing us our spiritual origins.

Everything has a vibration of energy or life force that connects all living things.

We are not separate from this but entirely connected. The physical matter is the least important part and is a result of existence not the primary existence.

The mystics of the past used the elements to simply explain the spiritual journey of our planet.

from space, air;

 from air, fire;

 from fire, the waters,

 from the waters, the earth;

 from the earth, plants;

 from plants, food;

 and from food, man..

The elements represent qualities, not physical matter.

space represents expansiveness

air represents mobility

fire represents temperature

water represents fluidity

earth represents solidity

Not literal air, not literal fire, not literal water and not literal earth but qualities.

We use this analogy to help us to understand our journey on many levels.

Scorned by modern scientists, who take it a literal, it is not in their résumé to comprehend the spiritual.

Mother Earth

She is a living organism embodiment the same as all life forms and has her own frequency.

She has a conscious memory.

Complex but simple

As always when we look at the earth we see the duality.

Light and dark, hot and cold, chaos and order, male and female

This is the polarity that creates life and all existence on the planet

There is a natural separation which comes together as oneness.

She is pure power, which as we know is very corruptible and enticing.

She has an underworld of darkness, a middle world, and an upper world of light.

All creation on all levels goes through the earth, our connection to her is essential to our growth and wellbeing.  

She can teach us everything we need to know, nourish us with everything we need to grow and love us unconditionally whether we choose darkness or light.

Her evolution is her journey and has little to do with us.

We do play a role as all living being that dwell on her do but ultimately she has her own agenda.

Species come and they go but she keeps evolving.

Mother earth has her own chakra system.

Spread around the world each chakra is represented in different land mass which brings its influence from the spiralling energy of the particular chakra.

In fact it can be broken down further.

Each country has its own chakra’s within this.

Layers of chakra energy are present over the world.

Chakra Location of the world

Base – Mt Shasta, California, USA

Sacral – Lake Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia, South America

Solar plexus – Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia

Heart – Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England

Throat – Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, Mt of Olives, Middle East

Brow – Mobile (currently stationary) Moves around the world stopping for 150 – 200 year at a time.

Crown – Mount Kailas, Tibet

From this we can see how important it is to care for the whole world not just our bit!


This is a mighty subject which I know a very limited amount. I will do my best to explain what I know today.

On the physical plane of the underworld there are crystalline grids.

These are interconnected webs of intelligent geometric patterns which organise the earth’s energies.

These patterns are like the plutonic solids that you may have seen carved out of crystals, often used for healing work and etherical communication.

Connected through well organised web like systems they are an inexhaustible power supply of earth energy.

Also called unity matrix its job is to allow us to constantly receive and exchange information which is essential for the evolution of all species and aligns us with the master plan.

Each of us has a service to this great plan, together as the collective unified consciousness we help to strengthen the planets network of light and this includes the creation of the inter-galactic bridge.

It is thought that the ancient technology was achieved but tapping into this source.

So this is what is going on in the planet connecting us to all things.

There will be a little more info on this when we look at the other world.

The main responsibility of the underworld is to protect and connect and most importantly to govern the sacred law.


The elements kingdom has many layers of being.

The primary roll of the elements is protection of the law, service and evolution.

There is a hierarchy of beings that function independently and as a collective.

Like us they have their own path of evolution and a path of service to the divine plan.

Like us they have a conscious and therefore are beholden to the polarity of this planet of desire.

They too can be corrupted and work for the shadows/impure dark forces.

The underworld has pure darkness and impure darkness; it pertains to the duality of the planet.

This is all ‘power’ to be used for good and for bad!

They report to source and the collective conscious as we do but they are dedicated to mother earth and by nature of their substance have not denied her as we have.

Once upon a time the land mass of the earth was whole.

Its guardians were simple and their roll was simply to keep all living organisms safe and functioning to their highest possibility.

When the earth broke up and land mass became separate and more help was need.

The planet and all her children multiplied and evolved.

More highly evolved elementals were then needed to ensure the harmony of the planet.

Now there are so many it is hard for the top elementals to keep track.

Now, with the expansion of human conscious and the negative implications of their desires it is drawing more and more elementals to the shadows and promise of power.

They have contracts as we do, scared contract with the divine enforced by the law.

They are stationed and govern different aspects of physical and etherical existence. 

When a contract has run its course the assigned elemental is supposed to report back and surrender its duty but some ignore this and are enticed to the power of the impure darkness.

This is part of the job of a soul rescue healer to flush out and report to higher powers that the land is no longer protected and therefore exposed to all sorts of trouble.

Not all elementals have rolls some are just living their existence, growing and learning as we do.

They reproduce and have little ones as we do.

The come in many different forms, shapes and sizes.

The town elements are different from the country ones and differ from country to country, sea to land.

They support us but can be reluctant, some still hold grudges from way back when there was wars fort and we ignored their cries for help.

But most of them just want to have fun.

They love music and dancing. They love sweets and sugary treats.

They can be naughty and seem to bring devastation but they don’t see it that way they see it all as playtime.

Animals can see the elemental spirits.

It is thought that the animals come from this realm.

Incarnated into the middle world to help keep the balance on earth by bringing pure unconditional love and acceptance to teach us gifts of patience, stillness, and the natural order to name but a few.

How do we perceive elementals?

Because they are energy and have no physical form they are seen by the psychic self, the inner eye the same as Angels are witnessed.

Some examples for reported elementals are –













Mythical creatures of all sorts.

They are grouped according to their element e.g merpeople/undines are water.

Salamanders are fire elementals.

Gnome is sometimes used as a collective name for elves, pixies, sprite etc,

Be kind to the gnomes they are very territorial and can cause havoc if not happy.  

Fairies are a different breed.

The dragon or serpent also represents the geo-magnetic grid of the earth and ley lines, called dragon lines or dragon currents transporting dimensional energy forces.

Within your garden you will have many elementals present, working hard for mother earth.

Contact the chief gnome or garden spirit (I have come across many different ones so be open to who receives you and listen!) who will assist you with whatever you wish to do, whether it is energy clearing, connecting or planting.


Deva’s are earth angels of the world.

They are the wisdom keepers.

They grow and evolve.

Small Deva’s will have a small piece of land/sea to govern.

Larger Deva’s will have bigger land/seas as their charge.

They will govern all aspects of their area, the seas, the air, the rocks and all that exists in their particular regions.

They have gender, either male or female.

Each Deva has its own voice.

It is the Deva that gives the land its own individual energy which in turns brings different culture/flavour/language etc.

If we look at the pure forms of the different religions through the world we see the same message in different forms.  

Each Deva will channel the word of god through its individual personality therefore bringing the same message in various ways.

They are massive guardians of the earth that have been forgotten.

The more they are honoured the more we become united and better the world will be.

They keep balance and witness the development of all beings and the earth.

As we evolve they observe.

They have contracts with the divine.

Dis-empowerment breaks their contract which brings chaos and imbalance. So we don’t mess with the Deva’s!

Listening to the Deva’s powers in the land/sea they will teach you your spirituality.

They often speak in rhyme.

It is such an amazing connection that I would encourage you all to have a go.

Door or Gate Keepers

The door keepers of the earth are responsible for information downloading.

They are rarely seen.

We all have them.

They do a very important job keeping us safe from information overload and stop too much inference entering our system.

The reason that they are in this category is that in my experience they are elemental in appearance, but it is quite possible that they are upper worldly of cosmic beings.

The earth will have her own door keepers.

But so little is known that this is all I can say.

Satan and the dark angels

We have lost the true meaning of Satan through the corruption by the Christian church.

Satan is an original being of pure form protection. 

His is mother earth’s protector, she is mighty so needs a mighty protector.

He governs the Deva’s and the legends.

He is also here as part of the duality needed in order for all beings to learn.

Jesus wouldn’t have been half the man he was without Satan as his adversary!

His role is to corrupt religion, beliefs systems and to create conflict.

For example- addiction is an impure darkness within the personality created by darkness to help us to learn a lesson, possibly within our contract as most addiction is a family affair!

It is the role of the dark angels to create and feed our impurities in order for us to learn through the challenges it brings.

To understand our light we must also understand our dark side.

Middle world

The middle world is the world that we live on, see and understand in physical matter.

The earth crystalline grids correspond to the lay line on the earth’s surface.

Our ancestors understood the power of this energy network and built many different structures on these sacred sites.

Normally they built where the ley lines cross bringing together the masculine and feminine energies thus harmonising and connecting to the power of the earth.

Here is an explanation of the qualities and the point to these powerful energy networks.

‘Serving as human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit pure, love based frequencies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. We build our own networks of light on this consciousness matrix and the channelled webbing expands into greater fields of this mass unification. With aligned intent, we accelerate the unification process especially into the areas of the world not currently being accessed. We greatly assist in the completion of all conflict and bring higher consciousness to the hearts of the multitude.

The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through our unification is to amplify the power of light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will eliminate all major conflict and destructive energy in and among our population. Moreover, this extraordinary field of unification creates an influential force field capable of healing and transforming the multitude and reaching into every corner of the world.’

We used to know, through each incarnation, who we are and what the planet holds for us but over time, as we have incarnated so many times, we have lost our way and the understanding of who we truly are and we have lost the wisdom of the earth.

Quite simply we have forgotten!

We need to remember who we are; we are a child of spirit.

Once we reconnect with our true self we see the glory of god in each moment and in everything we can appreciate the spectrum of all things.

Our connection to the earth becomes truth and we can harmonise with her energies as one within us.

By connecting into the grids we can bring light to the earth and heal the stress in the land created by human negative actions and thought forms.

Healing the land

Over time the earth has experienced a lot of trauma from human power struggles and greed.

Every time a war is fort she retains the scares of this devastation.

Every time a crime on human beings or any beings she is wounded.

This scaring and wounding will healing time but the enormous amount that has happened in the last 200years alone has had a huge impact on her.

We made the mess and we are responsible to heal it.

I have found in my land healing experience that some of the healing has to be done by humans because humans were responsible.

We must remember that she is all physical beings so not just the land and seas are affected.

The trees and the plants, the animal kingdom and our immediate space are also affected by our thoughtless desire to control power.

Not only war, genocide, rape and other volitions are responsible for the earth’s stress. 

Man made creations also put negativity into the earth

Physical levels of land interference –

Geopathic stress (often used as an excuse for everything)

Sick building syndrome

Electromagnetic fields

Radio waves

Nuclear power lines

Mobile telephone masts

Stagnant water (can be buried under ground its energy coming up to the surface)

Waste dump/pollution

Disturbed burial ground/sacred sites

All this create havoc in the earth and to us, creating blockages which then bring illness and disease.

If you would like to give land healing a go, here is a prayer to help you a tune to her frequencies.

Calling upon the sacred guardian of site and place

“I call upon the power & protection of the mother. I recognise love for all her children. And as we speak in the mother’s voice we are calling upon the protection from the darkness and we are calling upon the guidance from the beings of light so that the power and love may come together. And we may re-direct all human souls to their place of comfort. Supportive elemental spirits we invite and welcome you away from those who are disruptive of your own kind.

With these words in place the work shall precede in the name of god the creator of all things. So be it”

We are immortal sprites in human form which gives us the right as spirits to call upon the spiritual laws to bring order.

The indigenous cultures associated the sacred laws with an animal. As follows –


Respect all life on Mother Earth, respect Elders and people of all races. The essence of respect is to give.

Eagle LOVE

Always act in love.  Love the Creator.  Love the Earth.  Love yourself, your family, and your fellow human beings


Listen to your heart, it takes courage to do what is right.

Sabe (Bigfoot) HONESTY

Never lie or gossip, be honest with yourself and others.  Speak from your heart.  Be true to your word.


Everyone has a special gift, show wisdom by using your gift to build a peaceful world.OM


Think of others before yourself; humble yourself to the Great Spirit by being thankful.

Turtle TRUTH

Always seek truth, living the truth is living the Seven Teachings.

The ancients were aware of the earth’s sound and vibration frequencies.

They honoured the earth with offerings of gratitude and celebrated her greatness.

They would call upon mother earth and her gods and goddess’ to restore order and grant them good fortune.

Gods and Goddess’

Localised gods and goddess’ are there to support us in our own locality.

They are not god the creator, mother earth is the core of this world and is the closest we have to the creator as she brings life and death, she is an all knowing being.

She gives birth to all gods and goddess’.

Worshiped Gods and goddess’ are reflections of the truth not the whole truth.

They share aspects of divine truth breaking down the many parts of existence to help us to understand the one true source, light.

You will find your truth within you because you are born of the sacred mother.

Find your connection with mother earth and you will banish all fear.

All manifestation goes through the earth.

Out of the darkness into the light: light is created.

Mother earth herself is a light being.

Beneath the earth is the darkness governed by sacred law.

The middle earth is governed by natural law or universal law.

Deepak Chopra has written a book called The Seven Steps to Spiritual Success.

In this his explains the universal laws.

·       The Law of Pure Potentiality

·       The Law of Giving

·       The Law of Karma

·       The Law of Least Effort

·       The Law of Intention and Desire

·       The Law of Detachment

·       The Law of Dharma

If we follow this basic instruction for life we will live in harmony with the all that is.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

Mother earth is a Planet of desire.

Human beings act on this desire, it is up to the individual to awaken to this desire and work with integrity.

By using the universal laws we can understand our desires and co-create with the universe to fulfil our contract with the divine.

Individually, we each have more of an understanding of each of the realms.

For some it is obvious.

Those who care for the animals and plants are often more comfortable with the underworld.

Those who cannot see beyond the human existence are solely concerned with the middle world.

Those who feel a connection with the stars or with angels are associated with the upper realms.

Some can move easily from one to another, they are very old souls who can remember life times here and elsewhere.

My personal journey – I have an understanding of all realms. I gather information in this life from my own experience and from others. My role is to help others to wake up and to help souls to find their way home.   I am a ferryman for want of a better word. I can assist any being home to any realm. Part of my personal learning is to embrace the darkness, to learn that light is not superior and that the middle world is not hell!

We each have a different role to play while we are here.

It is up to us to find out what this role is through spiritual and emotional development.

One thing is sure; we are the bringers of the light.

All that we do, think and feel has an impact on the earth and humanity.

One way to heal the earth is to heal thy self!

Upper world

The upper world consisted of many parts.

There are energy patterns that mirror the grids on and in the earth.

We have the planets that move and influence matter on earth.

There are aspects of support that help us and mother earth.

Guides and guardian

We all have guides that are assigned to us even before we are born.

They grow with us and will leave us when the time is right and others will then come to match our development.

Guardian and protectors

These will differ from person to person depending on who we truly are and what sort of protection we need.

Angelic kingdom

The most well know help and support.

They govern all things but will not interfere in our path unless we call upon them.

There are other types of Angelic presence that can create and destroy.

Lucifer is an angel, son of the morning star, come to help souls understand the workings of the planet.

There are many more angels working in the lower levels all the way to the upper levels.

They create a pyramid connection. (Wide base of the denser realms to the finer point of the upper realms)

Angelic healing brings light and therefore balances and harmonises.

Angelic energy raises vibrations and through this communication we can understand who we truly are.

Archangels or cosmic angels bring their energy to fuse through to the Deva’s energy to give the Deva’s power. They are the over seers.

There will a blog on the hierarchy of the angelic kingdom to come.

I am not going into the cosmic realms of dimensional beings (UFO’s) today it is too big a subject.

The Grandmother

The grandmother is the great force of compassion and light here to rescue the souls who are lost between worlds.

She has different names in different cultures.

She spans the worlds and brings light to darkness, healing and clearing the way for enlightenment.

She is benevolent and powerful, she brings hope and guidance to those who call upon her.

The Grandfather

The grandfather protects the grandmother.

He is from beyond the earth.

He holds ultimate power over all beings and will not be forgiving of those who do not follow the law.

He rescues earth’s children/beings of all species and can overpower all darkness to bring order.

He works with the earth, the solar system, and beyond to the star children, light and dark. He will only come when absolutely necessary unless you have been chosen as one of his disciples.

Honesty and a pure heart are required to channel this being.

How to use the earth energies for the highest potential?

Labyrinth is a unicursal pathway to knowledge and wisdom.

(It has a single path to the centre and back that is designed to be simple to navigate).

(Walking a labyrinth brings stillness to the mind and at its centre one can connect to the earth and communicate to her many dimensions.)

Connecting to the Devic realms bring enlightenment to the whole being. Much information will be shared and healing can be accessed.

Connect to the crystal grids and align with the forces of all that is.

Crystals come from the earth and have various properties to help us in many ways from healing to connecting with past and present, to understanding forgotten or lost civilisations, memory recall yours and the earth’s.

The Greenman. By listening to the trees and nature, much wisdom is given.

Land, building and personal healing

Crop circles hold power which can be tapped into.

Visit ancient sites

Feng shui uses the earth’s energy to is highest potential.

Bring light into the earth from many sources   of power.

Make friends with the elementals

Positive thinking – reduce the egoic mind!

Work with the elements

Heal the animal kingdom

Don’t buy into fear and human suffering

Pray for healing for the earth and all who dwell on it.

Adhere to sacred and universal laws

Practice forgiveness

There is so much more to learn. This is just a taste of what we live among so go out and explore your world and learn for yourself what gifts and magic it has to offer.

Love Anna x


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