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Development Day 26th January 2013

on August 2, 2013

Chakra Development

Your knowledge of chakra development and the functions of your chakra’s in crucial to your spiritual development. Understanding how they work for you personally and how they have developed since you were born will help you to see the gifts and the shadows that are affecting your everyday life.

 Journeying with your chakra’s is an adventure of alchemy. Your mission is to turn the negative (lead) into positive (gold). 

We come into this world having travelled through many life times and having gathered experiences both positive and negative. We bring with us into each life what we need to fulfil our sacred contracts and are given all the help we need to honour and complete them.

Within these contracts are the blue prints of life’s challenges and the purpose for our visit here this time round. I would like to explore these contracts with you, in order to understand your purpose and expose your talents, but to fully understand this we must first get to grips with our chakra’s and all the magic they hold for us. 

This is a big subject. Much is written and there are many opinions.

As with all I teach you must take what feels right for you in this moment. Information is always available so never be worried if you feel you have missed anything, it is all about your personal divine timing, you absorb what you are ready to absorb.

What is a chakra?

Chakra’s are wheels of spinning energy centred in certain places on the body. (The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk.)

There are 7 basic chakra but we have more, less commonly written about.

Like a prism the energy from these centres refracting the sun’s rays and forms a rainbow.

Each basic chakra has a colour the same as the colours of a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

In recent years the colour of the top chakra, the crown, has been seen as white, incorporation all colour within its energy field.

As with all life forms within this world the chakra’s have duality, male and female, dark and light, spirit and matter. Giving and receiving is part of the function of the chakra. 

We take in positive and negative energy through life’s experiences and we give out positive and negative energy into the world, all depending on how we have processed life.

Chakra’s are not a physical part of our body they an ethereal presence enabling communication from spirit to matter.   

They influence the physical body, the emotional bodies, feelings and mental patterns and responses. Each chakra has a different relationship with different parts of us.

They have an independent function and a collective connection and response.

The chakra’s in the lower body, closer to the earth, resonate with the physical elements of our existence – action, survival, senses, sexuality, power etc

The upper chakra’s relate to the spiritual/mental realms, working with the symbolic and conceptual understanding of our self and our environment – imagery, language, concept, beliefs,  

The heart chakra is the link that brings them altogether as one united system.

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. The closer to the earth a chakra is the denser it vibrates and the higher we go the lighter they become.

Each one has an association with the elements and sound; there is a different one for each. Chakra dancing highlights this excellently!

Opening our chakras

Your chakras open and close, sometimes without your knowledge so having a good awareness of them is essential to your wellbeing. Walking around in public with open chakras can have consequences!

You can control this with awareness and discipline. 

There are many ways of opening the chakras.

Using visualisation, intention, awareness and trust, your chakras will respond to your wishes.

It is always good to do things with respect, opening your chakras is no different. Ask then politely and they will happily oblige.

Examples of opening –




Spinning discs

Doorway into room


v        It is good to open and close then and sit with them regularly. 

This will help to release any stagnant energy and keep the light inside bright. They can get sluggish which means you feel sluggish.

They can affect your mood, your health, your mental process and your ability to love yourself and others, so keeping balanced and functioning chakra’s is essential to your well being.

What is within them?

Within the chakra system is your information.

It is like you are the computer and each chakra is a floppy disc with different info on each one.

You follow the programming of each one so it is vital that you are aware of what information is held in each one.

If you have for example been brought up in a family where duty is important then that will be programmed into the chakra disc and become your belief to.

These discs are however re writeable, you have free will and choice to change, at any time you wish. This can be easier said than done.

We sometime have the knowledge of how to be more functional but can’t put it into practise; this is where chakra awareness is so useful. Identifying the root of an issue and relating to the appropriate chakra can help you to release, let go and surrender and bring you into a state of balance. We all have the perfect programmes in us but they can be so buried under the dysfunction that we cannot access them. 

Activating & connecting the chakras

As I have said before our chakras are spinning discs.

They are activated by the life force which is channelled through our body from the earth though our feet and spine and from spirit through the top of our heads.

The energy of the earth comes up and the energy from spirit comes down and this creates the spinning.

This activation is beholden to how healthy you are.

If your lower chakras are not developed in a healthy way your connections will be tentative and weak.

For example if your root chakra is underdeveloped or full of fear you won’t be able to ground so you will not feel safe or present and your spirit will find it hard to or not want to, be fully in your body, you will be fearful or needy, this may result in you compensating with the mind which will then disconnect you from spirit.

If one chakra is out of balance they all become out of place. They all relate to each other, communicating through the many subtle bodies in response to the programming of action and reaction.

When we are out of balance we become disconnected from out conscious, from spirit and our guides, from the earth and the elemental kingdom and from each other.

Disconnection is NOT detachment a common mistake from the tricky ego.

When we are in balance we feel present, safe, detached from drama, not ruled but our dysfunctional ego, we can give and receive love, connect to spirit on many levels, earthly, celestial and cosmically.

If you have come today because you want to be more spiritual and be able to communicate and work with spirit (including mother earth as she is one and the same thing) you need to understand this foundation of who you are and how you work.

Your emotion evolution comes hand in hand with spiritual grow and awareness. Your chakra’s are the bridge to the spirit realms. 

Everything is in these chakra’s. Focus, mental agility, ego, sexuality, love, discipline, physical well being, creativity, life force, communication, healing abilities, Peace and happiness -.

What is blocking the chakra?

Trauma – birth, childhood, teenage hood, physical accidents,

Negative experience – disappointments, deceit, lack of love, school,

Beliefs – religion, conditioning, culture,

Lack of trust – abandonment, self belief, self esteem

Habits – addictions, life style

These experiences manifest in the chakras first then we feel them in our emotion and then finally they manifest in the body. This will depend on your personal constitution whether or not you are sensitive to mental, emotion or physical awareness.

What are yours? Are you prone to physical illness or mental/emotional instability?

For some their gifts of spiritual awareness are so acute that they suffer from spiritual attack or interference due to blocked chakras where the flow of life force means that some chakras are excessive in their storing of psychic energy and depleted in the physical or emotional.

Excessive versus depleted chakras

The imbalance in the chakras can be due to an over load or a lack of life force.


For some the coping mechanisms needed to survive create an excess, a build up in fear of letting go.

Fear for many people is not being enough or having enough. So they hold onto everything, energy hoarding. Very popular in this day and age!! 

They take from the earth and from people around them in fear. They become crowded with negativity bringing confusion and no space to process or absorb new information.

And as we know information is not awareness, they will never achieve awareness because there is no space to do so.

This excessive holding will affect every part of their life, overcompensating for example an excessive throat chakra will not stop talking!.

Some may feel they have control over their life if they can just keep everything juggling away in their existence only to crash and burn.


For some holding onto anything can be a challenge.

Not only can they not keep their cup full but they restrict the flow of life force bringing a feeling of emptiness and uselessness.

They will avoid life at all costs. Find it hard to even start let alone finish.

Their heart will be closed making relationships hard or they will withdraw from their body and from the world. For example someone who is deficient in there sacral will not want to try anything new in fear of failure or conflict.

They may try to hand over responsibility to another and get lost in their inability to make a decision.

We can be both excessive and deficient. Each chakra has its own identity; there are no rules to this as we are all so different.

To heal this you need to find out what is happening in each.

It may not be as easy as putting in more energy to a deficient chakra because if the person is not willing to hold the energy it will just fall away.

Equally trying to remove excessive energy may put the person into fear and they will hold on more tightly than before. Understanding the root cause is needed in both cases.

Let us look at each chakra and the possibilities they hold.

The most common way to look at the chakra’s is from the ground up. This gives the first chakra as the Root or Base Chakra.

The book Eastern Body Western Minds by Anodea Judith is excellent at explaining the chakra development. Some of the information below was taken from this book.

Root Chakra.

Colour – Red

Element – Earth

Position – Base of the body/spine

Time – 6 months gestation to 1 yrs born

Development – Physical growth, motor skills, security,

Purpose – Foundation

Function – Grounding, nourishment, nutrition/diet, trust, health, wealth, family, home, manifestation.

Spiritual function – connecting to mother earth, root system, presence, connection to elemental kingdom,

Spirit body – Physical

Vibration/musical note – C/do

Experience – Safety, security, trust, survival, money, home, job, self preservation

Glands – Adrenals

Responsibility to body – Adrenals, regulates salts in the body, stress hormones, fight or flight, bones, spine, legs

Positive – Wellness, grounded, happy with physical body, trust in the world, feeling safe, relaxation and stillness, prosperity/abundance, the right to be here.

Negative – Fear, illness, disconnection, Abandonment, neglect of the physical body, body dismorphia, ungrounded, scattered energy.

Experienced traumas – Birth, abandonment, malnutrition, food issues, surgery, inherited traumas/survival/poverty consciousness, physical abuse/violence.

Excess – over-eating, hoarding, laziness, tired, fear of change, neediness, lack of appropriate boundaries,   greed

Deficient – body disconnection, underweight, anxiety, restless, busyness, fear of money, drama/chaos, lack of focus, fear of life and living, no rights to be here.

Physical disorders – bowel, anus, large intestine, bones, teeth, legs, knees, base of spine, buttocks, eating disorders, regular illness,


Healing the root chakra – reconnect with the body, exercise/yoga/chakra dancing, touch and massage, grounding/connecting to earth plane, clearing child hood/parent issues, reclaiming right to be here.


It is safe to be here.

The earth supports me and meets my needs.

I love my body and trust in its wisdom.

I am abundant in all areas of my life.

I am here, I am real

Sacral chakra

Colour – Orange

Element – Water

Position – Sacral plexus, lower abdomen

Time – 6 months – 2 yrs

Development – locomotion, senses

Purpose – movement and connection

Function – Movement, Sensation, Emotions, Sexuality, desire, need, pleasure,

Spiritual function – inner child, inner goddess, creative ideas, clairsentience,

Spirit body – emotional

Vibration/musical note – D/re

Experience – sensations, feeling and feelings, food, sex, appetite, self gratification

Glands – gonads

Responsibility to body – bladder, kidneys, ovaries, gonads testes, endocrine system, spleen, genitals

Positive – graceful movement, emotional intelligence, pleasure, ability to nurture self and others, embracing change, healthy boundaries, passion, creativity

Negative – Dehydration, jealousy, sexual inhibitions, emotional instability, denial, guilt, lack of sex drive, fertility problems, all water works complaints,

Experienced traumas – sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect/rejection, movement restriction (playpen), moral severity (anti pleasure), alcoholic family environment, inherited family issues

Excess – sexual and pleasure addiction, hysteria, mood swings, crisis/drama junkies, over sensitivity, invasion of others space, seductive manipulation, co-dependency, obsessive attachments.

Deficient – Body rigidity, fixed attitudes, fear of sex, poor social skills, denial of pleasure, fear of change, passionless

Physical disorders – reproductive/menstrual disorders, impotence, frigidity, inability to orgasm, lower back pain, tense ridged body, numb senses, loss or appetite for food/sex/life

Healing the root chakra – movement therapy, emotional release, inner child work, addiction therapy, development of sentient intelligence,


I deserve pleasure in my life

I embrace and celebrate my sexuality

I move with ease

Life is pleasurable.

Solar Plexus chakra

Colour – Yellow

Element – Fire

Position – upper abdomen, solar plexus

Time – 18 months to 4 years

Development – realization of separateness, establishing the self

Purpose – Transformation

Function – energy, activity, autonomy, individual awareness, will, self esteem, power, vitality, reasonability, to act and be an individual, regulating lower instinct chakras

Spiritual function – ego identity, personality understanding, self love

Spirit body – Mental

Vibration/musical note – E/mi

Experience – freedom/power, control, self definition, intellect

Glands – pancreas

Responsibility to body – stomach, liver, pancreas

Positive – responsible, reliable, balanced, effective will, self esteem, balanced ego, confidence, playfulness, sense of humour, spontaneity, self discipline, healthy understanding of personal power, ability to face challenges, self reliant, assertiveness, self honesty, self empowerment, trust in self to navigate life’s journey,

Negative – anger, worry, stress, aggressive ego, lack of humility, shame, fear, frustration, selfish will, deceitful, lying, fear of not having or being enough

Experienced traumas – shaming, authoritarianism, domination of will, physical abuse, fear of punishment, too much childhood responsibility, inherited shame

Excess – dominating, controlling, aggressive, need to be right, manipulation, power hungry, deceitful, temper tantrums, violent out bursts, stubbornness, over ambition, competiveness, arrogance, hyperactivity,

Deficient – low energy, weak will, easily manipulated, poor self discipline, lack of follow through or completion, low self esteem, emotionally withdrawn or cold, attraction to stimulants, victim mentality, blaming of others, passive, unreliable, hating confrontation.

Physical disorders – poor digestion, collapsed middle, IBS, ulcers, spleen problems, muscle spasms, hypoglycaemia, hypertension, disorders of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas imbalance, diabetes, eating disorders, inability to store nutrients,

Healing the root chakra – taking risks, deep relaxation, stress control, high energy exercise, counselling, release let go and surrender, emotional contact, meditation, presence awareness


I honour the power within me

I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly

I can do whatever I will to do.

Heart chakra

Colour – Green with a pink centre

Element – Air

Time – 4 yrs to 7 yrs

Position – centre of chest/ heart

Development – forming peer and family relationships, developing persona

Purpose – Love / balance/humility

Function – love, balance, self love, relationships, intimacy, devotion, giving and receiving

Spiritual function – Love, divinity, bridge between physical and spiritual, to love and be loved, karma clearing past lives, harmony, life force, forgiveness

Spirit body – Astral (bridge between the soul and the physical)

Vibration/musical note – F/fa

Experience – relating, giving, perceptions of love, acceptance

Glands – Thymus

Responsibility to body – heart, lungs, blood, respiratory system, endocrine, immune system

Positive – compassionate, loving, empathetic, self loving, peaceful and balanced, healthy immune system, awareness of divine soul unconditional love, happy with ourselves and other, love of planet earth, total acceptance of who we are and who we have been, sociability, generosity,  commitment to self and others

Negative – suppressed love, feeling unloved and not able to love, emotional neediness, co-dependence, loneliness, grief, loss, no compassion for self or others, disconnection to mother earth and divine soul, rescue tendencies, lack of patience, hatred, bitterness

Experienced traumas – rejection, abandonment, constant criticism, abuse to other chakras, grief, divorce, death of loved ones, conditional love, betrayal, sexual or physical abuse, 

Excess – co-dependency, poor boundaries, demanding, clinging, jealousy, martyrdom, over sacrifice,

Deficient – anti social, withdrawn, cold heart, critical, judgemental, intolerant of self and others, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, fear of commitment, lack of empathy, narcissism

Physical disorders – heart disease, lung cancer, low/high blood pressure, thymus imbalance, asthma, allergies, immune system deficiency, circulation problems, tense shoulder, chest pains, palpitations, fatigue,

Healing the root chakra – Breathing exercises, work with arms reaching out, yoga, self discovery, counselling, emotional release of grief, self acceptance, inner child work, higher and lower chakra integration, self kindness, self love


I am worthy of love

I am loving to myself and other

There is an infinite supply of love for me

I live in balance with others

I forgive myself and others.

I accept myself

Throat Chakra

Colour Light blue

Element – Sound

Time – 7yrs to 12 yrs

Position – throat

Development – creative expression, communication skills, symbolic thinking

Purpose – communication, creativity, to bring forward the creativity desire of lower chakras.

Function – communication, creativity, listening, resonance, finding your own voice,

Spiritual function – clairaudience, hearing/sensing spirit, channelling, inner sound,

Spirit body – Etherical

Vibration/musical note – G/sol

Experience – expressing, receiving, abundance, flowing manifestation,

Glands – thymus

Responsibility to body – thyroid, throat, ears, nose, mouth, jaw, metabolism

Positive – Resonate vice, good listener, good sense of timing and rhythm, clear communication, creative living, creative no, comfortable to speak out, speaks clear truths, good understanding of what is communicated,

Negative – inability to speak ones truth, fear of being seen or heard, oblivious to what anyone else is saying, not listening or hearing, cannot say no,  thinking but not speaking your feelings or view point, allowing other to be your voice, compulsive liar.

Experienced traumas – Lies, mixed messages, verbal abuse, constant yelling, noisy environment, excessive criticism, secrets and treats to tell, authoritarian parent (don’t talk back) alcoholic or chemical dependant family (don’t talk don’t trust don’t feel)

Excess – Too much talking, talking as a defence, inability to listen, poor understanding, gossiping, dominating voice, interruptions, talking for other,

Deficient – fear of speaking, small weak voice, difficulty in putting feelings to words, introversion, shyness, tone deaf, poor rhythm,

Physical disorders – over or underactive thyroid, colds, vocal cord strain and under developed, mouth and gum disease, chronic sore throats, laryngitis, stiff neck, deafness, mute,

Healing the root chakra – Loosen neck, shoulder and release back of heart chakra, release voice, singing, chanting, toning, storytelling, journal writing, automatic writing, practice silence and stillness, non goal creativity, counselling, inner child communication, voice dialog, learn an instrument


I hear and speak my truth

I express myself with clear intent

Creativity flows in and through me

I love my voice, I love to be heard

Brow Chakra

Colour Indigo

Element – Light

Time – Adolescence

Position – middle of forehead

Development – Establishment of personal identity, ability to perceive patterns

Purpose – pattern recognition

Function – Image, intuition, imagination, visualization, insight, dreams, vision, self evaluation

Spiritual function – expansion of awareness, spirit guide/ celestial/ET communication, third eye activation, intuition, archetypes, process of knowledge to wisdom, insight, sacred inner space, illuminates the soul, transcending from the ordinary to conscious to the extraordinary conscious, self evaluation, psychic centre, clairvoyance,

Spirit body – Buddhic/Christic (The Buddhic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality. This allows identity to break free of individuality so that identity can include others; such as family, friends, social group, soul group, and eventually humanity as a whole.)

Vibration/musical note – A/la

Experience – Spiritual awareness, individualized consciousness, to see

Glands – Pituitary

Responsibility to body – brain, pituitary, endocrine system, eyes, , skull, nervous system,

Positive – Intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, good dream recall, able to think symbolically, able to visualize, seeing spirit, good eye sight,

Negative – learning difficulties, can’t see the wood for the trees, no imagination, muddled thoughts, non visualization, lack of focus, lack of trust in intuition, only trusting what you can see, delusional thoughts and visions, paranoia, lack of concentration, inability to hold a thought

Experienced traumas – What you see/feel doesn’t go with what you are told, frightening environments (war zones, violence, very depressed parents) witnessing trauma,

Excess – Hallucinations, delusions, obsessions, difficulty concentrating, nightmares

Deficient – insensitivity, poor vision, poor memory, fear and difficulty seeing the future, lack of imagination, poor dream recall and visualization, denial, one true right and only way,

Physical disorders – dyslexia, eye problem of any kind, left and right confusion, headaches, stroke, neurological disturbances, depression, blindness,

Healing the root chakra – create visual art, visual stimulation, meditation, colour therapy, memory work, connecting image with feeling, dream work, hypnosis, guided visualization, past life regression therapy.


I see all things in clarity

I am open to the wisdom within

I can manifest my vision

I see all that is open to me

Crown Chakra

Colour Violet/White/Magenta

Element – Thought

Time – Early adulthood and after

Position – top of the head

Development – Assimilation of knowledge, development of wisdom

Purpose – understanding

Function – transcendence, belief system, higher power, divinity, union, vision

Spiritual function – connecting us with our spirit home, channel for spirit to come and go, connection to universal consciousness, channel for light, clairsentience,  accessing the higher self, being our potential godlike self,

Spirit body – Causal (the Causal Body, the highest creative aspect of our being; universal consciousness)

Vibration/musical note – B/ti

Experience – universal consciousness, source of direction and intuition

Glands – Pineal

Responsibility to body – cranium, brain

Positive – Ability to perceive, analyse, assimilate information, intelligence, thoughtfulness, awareness, open-mindedness, able to question, spiritual connection, wisdom and mastery, broad understanding, peace with ourselves and spirit, bliss, selflessness, empathy, divine wisdom, acceptance, light body activation, spirituality, to be able to see the bigger picture, devotion,

Negative – depression, confusion, alienation and despair, lack of belief, mythical depression, deadness of spirit, lack of awareness and curiosity,

Experienced traumas – Withheld information, education thwarts curiosity, forced religion, blind obedience, misinformation, lies, spiritual abuse

Excess – over intellectualisation, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation from body

Deficient – spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, ridges belief systems, apathy, domination of others, material importance over spiritual growth, greed

Physical disorders – sleep disorders, depression, body clock, response to sunlight

Healing the root chakra – re-establish physical, emotional and spiritual connection, learning and studying, spiritual discipline, meditation, examine belief system, develop inner wisdom, working with higher power.


Divine resides within me

I am open to new ideas

Information comes to me

The world is my teacher

I am guided by a higher power

I am guided by my inner wisdom



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