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Development Day 23rd March 2013

on October 2, 2013



In this toxic world it is important to understand what we are up against.

We are taught to know and understand from experience of, how to keep us safe from the elements and from other human beings, to avoid hurting emotionally, physically and mentally.

We have created many ways, personal and collectively, to avoid confrontation in order to live in harmony with our fellow woman.

We use our 5 senses to assess when danger is around us and we also use our 6 sense to feel it!

We are taught how to recognise danger and avoid it in the physical world.

Equally we know how to protect ourselves from the elements i.e an umbrella for rain or sunscreen for the sun.

We protect our hearts from being broken and our minds from being corrupted by controlling influences as best we can.

Many of you will be able to tell if there is someone in the immediate environment that is creating threatening or moody vibrations.

This gives you an opportunity to move away or help to change the environment and stop any of the negative energy affecting you.

What we are not taught or made aware of is that there is much more out there that can affect us and inhibit our development to peace and happiness.

We are all different and require different sorts of protection.

Some people are very sensitive to negative energy and some who are more hardy have the resilience to brush off comments and criticisms easily or are no so affected by toxic energies or people with vampire tendencies.

But we can learn to be tougher and learn how to protect ourselves from whatever we are sensitive to.

What do we need protection from?

Energies – negative energy from human contact and sick land/buildings

Forms – devises, curses, 

Attachments – Can be earth bound spirits, elementals , ancestors

Entities – non human influences,


Within our planet there are many levels of being.

From lower to upper world there is negative and positive influence.

We have spoken before about the corruption of power that creates negativity in beings of all kinds, including the corruption of self by self.

Any weakness in us will be vulnerable and will require protection. 

This does not include the natural innocence that we hold in the authentic self.

This part of us is untouchable. The soul is unlikely to be damaged except under very serious life learning and usually if a soul experiences this it is part of their contract to do so.

What makes us weak?

Lack of self love is the biggest weakness we have.

Being abundant in self love gives us more strength which in turn gives us more natural protection. Love is the ultimate power.

Illness or weakness in the physical body will also leave openings for attack and attachment.

Negative thinking creates openings for entities to corrupt us and use us for their own negative purposes.

Anger leaves us weak and open to influence.

Self sacrifice or putting the needs of others first at the detriment of self tells the world we are available to be used in any way and by anything.

Denial is when we won’t look at or admit there is a problem in ourselves or with the way we run our life. Pretending everything is fine when it is not leaves us corruptible and open to influence. How can we see what is interfering with us if we won’t look truthfully at who we are and what we are doing?

Martyrdom is another form of denial.

Ego can be denial. To fixed in your ego will block you from receiving protection and creates weakness.

Fear of any kind can weaken your resources and leave you open to all sorts of attachments.

Blocked Chakras stops grounding and stops the flow creativity and life force.

Depression is a state of being very common to modern man, it leaves us weak and vulnerable and unable to defend ourselves from all forms of harm, physically spiritually and emotionally.

Stress brings separation which disconnects us from our life force.

What is protection?

This can mean different things to each person.

We all need different sorts of protection as we are all unique.

Basically it is the prevention of harm therefore spiritual protection is the prevention of harmful influences on the ethereal/soul body.

The dictionary says : Protection

The action of protecting someone or something, or the state of being protected.

A person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury.

Why do we need it?

We need it to help us keep safe in this very busy and spiritually lost society. 

We need it to have the best chance of being the authentic divine self.

We need it if we are healers and are exposed to very toxic environments.

We need it to protect us from ourselves sometimes when faced with difficult choices.

Our guides can help us protect ourselves to a point but the ego mind overrides this most of the time and lack of intuition awareness and action on intuition can inhibit this. “We no listen! “

So we need it to stop us from picking up unwanted energies, forms, attachments and entities.

Who needs it?

This is a personal thing.

Some do not feel they need protection and would rather live in ignorance to what is really out there. We respect them for their views but at some point when on an expansive spiritual path we will discover the need for the awareness of protection.

It is only the truly enlightened who don’t need it because their awareness is so acute and their self love is completely at one with the universe that nothing can corrupt them. It is not that they have better guides or are blessed by god it is because they have transcended the ego and have no fear, they will have total acceptance of their darkness and light and have become one with god. Even then in some situations it is important to be mindful of the situation you find yourself in.

Everyone that is ruled by ego mind – it helps greatly to have some protection when we are out and about. Night time can be a time of reflection and a time when people feel fear the most. Just because you are safe in your bed does not stop you from being you and therefore does not stop the opportunity to be corrupted. This does not mean you should fear the night or sleeping, day time/ night time it is all the same. You would still put on a coat to go out in the rain when it is dark!

Can we be completely protected?

As I have said before we can but only once the ego has died and we are in our true and authentic self.

Then we have total awareness and if anything does try and have a go we are instantly aware of it and can deal with it before it get hold or even gets close!

Otherwise, no you can’t as the negative influences are responding to your needs for life learning and assisting in the challenges that have to be faced in order to evolve.

This does not mean that you stay open and allow everything in. Being mindful of your protection is part of your life learning.

Where does it come from?

It comes from Source.

And we come from source; protection is a natural state of being.

Some people have more of a disposition for protection than others.

It all depends on your developed soul and your human condition.

We have guides and guardians that keep us safe from the influences that are not part of our journey but it helps to have us on side to do this. 

It will be hard for them if you are irresponsible with your life force and body.

It is a bit like having an umbrella that you know won’t keep the hurricane off but you decide to go out in it anyway.

So know your limits, know thy self.

What are we protecting?

We are protecting our energy fields, our body, our mind – our human being.

What else needs protecting?

Home – keeping our homes clear from negativity helps us to stay protected and safe.

Children – Because children are our responsibility we are given authority to keep them protected. We can keep them safe during the day and night using the same protection tools that we use for ourselves.

Work place – it is not always easy to keep public places clear but good intent and positive mental attitude goes a long way to keeping the flow of energy in a work place. Also being aware and alert to changes in colleagues and energies within the building can help you to know how to clear the space.

When do we need it?

If you are practicing healing or working with unknown spiritual beings protection is vital.

Living or working in big cities.

Building on or disturbing the land.

Any time you are in a space with a lot of people – shops, supermarkets, school, night clubs, pubs etc.

Train stations. Tube, airports and bus stations are very toxic.

Our family can be very toxic and have the ability to get in where others may not.

Do we need it?

It is always a choice. If we don’t want to we don’t have to but it is our responsibility.

Can you over protect?

We all need to breathe!

To be too caged will stop all energy exchange and can inhibit our growth.

Love needs to be exchanged and if we are to tightly protected we cannot flow.

What sort of protection do we need?

This will depend on the circumstance and the development of the person.

One of the most dangerous things we have is our mind.

When we have negative thoughts is attracts negativity to us.

Keeping a clear present mind which naturally protects you.

Houses can be cleared of negative energy but most of the time when houses are sick it is the humans living there who are contributing to the house’s state of being or past human suffering of previous owners;  sickness is a human condition generously spread over, beneath and above the earth!

The most common form of protection is using white light.

By submerging your being in white light keeps a powerful but benevolent force field between you and the unseen world.

The food and water we drink can be contaminated by negativity, by blessing your food and drink you are cleansing it and this will help it to be purer for the body and won’t infect it with any lingering energies.

Protection shield can be very powerful. To create one drawn a circle with good intent and place items within it. You can divide the circle up into parts specifying which part is protecting what. Understanding shamanic practice is useful, when we are at one with nature and the elements we can use this to its higher form.

Don’t deny your darkness, if you are under the illusion that you have none, you are exposing yourself to unknown influences that can come and corrupt your pure darkness and feed off your impure darkness.

How do we stay protected?

Awareness and love will help you stay protected.

If we know ourselves well we have the sensitivity to know what is around us and what does not feel right.

Focus on grounding daily and throughout the day.

Cleanse the body and mind at the beginning and end of the day.

Water – running water/ showing can remove toxic energy picked up during the day and night.

Put protection rituals into your everyday life but without fear. Protecting with fear will bring more fear.

Don’t expose yourself to toxic environments when you are under par, physically or emotionally.

Do not practice healing in a place that is not protected or blessed or if you are not feeling good yourself.

Choose your friend and influences wisely.

Don’t expose yourself to negative influences such as the news or pain body television or books.

A good relationship with your guides and guardians will keep you safe. The more we appreciate and connect to them the stronger their influence can be for us.

Keep your chakras clear and closed when not in a sacred environment.

Use the violet flame to stay clear and cleansed.

Salt baths and mindful showering

Create yourself a protection prayer.

Use the divine decree to clear you and your surroundings

Keep your aura clear and unblemished by rips, tears and leaks.

Before spiritual practice check yourself for influences of any kind, pray and power up you chakras and clear your mind of negativity. Ask for protection for you whole being, past, present and future.

After any spiritual practices make sure you are clear/closed and shielded.

Remember everyone has impure darkness within them and that part of them will try and steal your energy or life force. It is not about being paranoid but accepting this and acting accordingly.

Protection Tools

·        Self love

·        Presence/awareness

·        White Light

·        Grounding

·        Meditation/mindfulness

·        Cleansing the aura

·        Affirmations/prayer

·        Forgiveness – I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

·        Crystals

·        Herbs/white sage

·        Sound/frequencies/vibration/chanting

·        Candle light

·        Exercise – bring body into balance makes it stronger

·        Energy medicine

·        Positive thinking

·        Know thy self

·        Guides and guardians/angels and underworld protectors/gatekeepers

·        Protection shields


Protection is a part of life. Life is not to be feared but to loved. While we are on a journey of self discovery protection is an important part of the journey. We can learn so much from the negative aspects of our existence. Whether it is connected to this life or past lives there is a lot to learn from the shadow self. Don’t run and hide but stand still and witness what is and change what need to be change.

The ultimate goal is happiness, use the tools you have accumulated to uncover the happiness that resides in the authentic self. Everything that has been created can be destroyed.

Everything that is, but the spark of divine love that is who we truly are.

Journey without fear and act responsibly, protection is a part of that response.

Love Anna x


One response to “Development Day 23rd March 2013

  1. Stella von Thun says:

    Lovely article Anna ! An important subject explained with real clarity.
    Your words will help many seekers , whatever their path may be.
    Stella xx

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