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How to be in 2013?

 Write up by Anna Taylor on a talk by Kay Kraty.

This is a brief translation of Kay’s talk. There was too much in the talk to explain every detail. I have taken the bones of it to explain to you today.

This understanding of the energies of 2013 comes through the discipline of Numerology.

Numerologists use the qualities of the numbers as opposed to the quantity of a number. Each number has its own personality. When a number is teamed up with another number their combined personalities blend together to give a package deal of energetic possibilities.

Why talk about 2013 in 2012?

As we travel through the numbers, they gather the qualities of the previous numbers. For example the quality of the number one is in all numbers.

September resonates with the number 9, the 9th month of the year. It holds all the energies of the previous numbers and has gathered all it can, some may say it represents completion but is in fact taking us to the next number which is 10.

As we move into October, November and December the numbers overlap, ramping up the energies to make the next level. 10,11and 12 are transition numbers which take us into the next year. So in the last three month of the year, we begin to be aware of the energies of the next year, in this case into 2013.

The energies of 2012 has given us alchemy, the ability to reach higher levels of energy which refined out path, bringing impeccability and this makes it harder to stay in imbalance. This brings truths to the surface and leaves us no place to hide!

The solar activities of this year have been accelerated. Scientists have been looking cautiously at the activity. The solar particles from the sun, which are loaded with solar radiation are not forming their normal patterns, and are possibly affecting gravity. This makes sense from a spiritual point of view, helping the ascension to create lightness in our being.

The earth is changing due to the solar activity. The influences of solar flares create these changes, which are interfering with the animal kingdom whose patterns of behaviour are being messed up. As we are also animal so expect your own patterns of behaviour to change.

Technology is being affected and disrupted.

If you look back at the energies of 2012 you will understand in more depth what Kay spoke about for this year. Now we have lived through this year we can understand how it affects us on a personal level.

So into 20 13.

We are still in the energies of the 20 and will be for the next 88 years. We are in the baby stages of 20, still finding our way with this new vibration. The energy of the 20 is femininity, the goddess and with this we can expand and create in a very different way from the one energy that was the last millennium.

Next year brings us the 13. The number 13 can be challenging, it can be a very destructive power which can whip the rug right out from underneath us. It has the power of the one and the spiritual awareness of the 3. 1+3 =4 and the number 4 will bring matter into form.

By standing in our truth and upholding it, emotionally and spiritual, we are in the right place and we will stay upright! 13 energies recognise that spirit is in everything and there is no place to hide. If we are honest and straight up about our flaws we will be in alignment with divine will. Denial will bring confusion and could put you on your back.

The truth will out! 13 brings transparency we can see this already happening, in the news we see exposure to old truths.

As the human body is limited, the change of the consistency of the physical is needed. You will recognise this in your own life with food intolerances and sensitivity to environments.

It is not a time for martyr behaviour but instead make sacred all that you do, ingest and create. The earth’s blue print must mirror that of the divine’s; this means inner purity is needed to align to the pure light energy emanating from mother earths centre.

Be in mindful presence, this will bring you into sink with higher energies. Be flexibly and not ridged in your everyday life. Flow with the universal laws. The discipline can be difficult and hard to achieve but honesty with self and others will get us through these challenging times.

How to be in 2013?

Inner purity and purification

This does not just mean being mindful of the bodies need but it requires us to change our negative responses internally and externally. The intention to purify is powerful, by using your own source/love energy you can create inner cleansing. With food and water, give it as much high energy as you can by blessing it with love and being grateful for it including where it is sourced.

It is important that we learn how to respond to Self –responsibility. This means being responsible for self only. You are not responsible for anyone else’s journey in any way. You may feel that you have to help or take charge of someone else’s life. This only brings you into manipulation. Only they and their god know what is truly needed. Don’t let your own fears interfere with another’s or you may be denying them important experience that they need.

It is up to each one of us to attain our own inner purity. Allow others to make their own decisions. By all means seek knowledge from the experience of others. But allow this knowledge to become your own wisdom. Information is not wisdom, personal awareness is required.

Symptoms in 2013

Deep grief and sadness – we may find that we grieve for the passing of the old order. Remembering who we once were!

Ego crisis – time shifts and magnetic fields change our identity which challenges our egos and the old identities we have created.

Past veils thicken – we will forget much from our past

Present veils thinning – our awareness will become more acute. As in 2012 we become more psychic and sensitive to etheric energies.

Inner Christ child – to understand the needs of the inner child, especially the inner Christ child will help us to recognise our inner divinity. The more we believe in our god/spirit, our true and authentic self, we will become brighter. Nurture it and feed/water it. (Kay called this the Tinkerbell effect. ‘I do believe in fairies I do I do I do’!)

Planetary movement and cosmic forces – this is effecting, amongst other things, the weather and even the food produce. We lost broccoli this year for a time, which greatly upset me!!

Poles shifting – we are shifting as the earth is shifting. Be mindful of the effects on the elements, water, air etc it is all changing.

Methods of exchange – this will have to change. By raising our own vibration and letting go of our fear we will not be affected by the poisonous vibrations this may bring to our environment.  Become the eye of the storm.

Discipline and structure – that we choose and are responsible for. The lower level mind needs to be contained and given structure so the shift does not discombobulate us. 

Honest self examination – Be honest with yourself and be honest with others. It will be useful for us to seek opinion from those we trust. Ask them to give you an honest appraisal of how they see/feel about you. What can I improve? Etc. The saying ‘you can’t see the frame if you are in the picture’ comes to mind.  We can be stuck in our self opinions and evaluations, an external view point can be very enlightening.

We continue to work as a collective. If you are finding it hard to go it alone than seek help. We cannot learn all we need to learn on our own. We are all students and teachers.

I sincerely hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you.

Thank you for listening.

Love Anna x

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Human beings are complex and multi faceted creatures made up of a body, a conscious mind, an unconscious mind and a spirit (which some say is our unconscious mind) All the separate parts of our being collectively work together as a team allowing us to resonate as our whole self. The fact that we are born with these separate parts makes it possible to separate further which creates our archetypes. So within each one of us are many personalities/archetypes helping us to make sense of our existence and to help us to understand the relationships that we have with the world, each other and ourselves.

These personalities have within them the possibility to be negative and positive. We use them to express ourselves in the collective as a response to our ego/identity and when in the positive they can help to create fulfilling relationships with others. In the negative our perceptions are distorted and we find it hard to relate to others in truth and our authentic self gets lost this creates subject illusion instead of objective reality.

It is our childhood experiences that create these archetypes. We draw on our environment using our senses and react to the surrounding influences. These influences can have a positive or negative effect on our ability to self love. They form our identity and if our identity of self (body, mind and soul) is judgemental and full of criticism we are not able to connect to our god and a wedge of separation occurs between the human and the divine self.

To understand our archetypes will enable us break down the illusions and allow us to choose who we would like to be. Free will and choice is our divine right. We do this without blame and with awareness and by using our spiritual magic we can strengthen the positive and let go of the negative.

This can only be done by you, it is our reasonability to create happiness and peace no matter what challenges life his thrown at us. One of the things spiritual magic gives us is the understanding that all is possible.

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First there is an acorn

Early last year, I attended Anna Taylor’s Medium’s class as a relative newcomer.

As usual, Anna set out the guide lines for that evening’s meditation. We should all try to visualize an acorn through its development into a tree and, if possible, take a message from each stage of its development – stressing to me, that I should concentrate on its early development underground before its ascendency.

After our usual preparation of deep breathing and sending our roots down to Mother Earth, I waited.

It was a while before the rain came to germinate the seed. But it did. And I could see the acorn growing to a sapling, when, surprisingly, it was transplanted.

Soon after, I became conscious of the sound of a buzz-saw and could see my sapling growing in an area of cultivation.

  At this time, my spirit companion, St Joan, showed me a long plank of wood, trimmed and ready for use. And whilst the sapling grew into a sturdy oak tree, the image of the plank remained.

Joan’s message was that while the spirit of the tree longs to grow in height and provide homes for birds and other wildlife, it submits to the needs of the planter.

  In the same way, whilst we may desire a long and happy life we must also submit to God’s plan for us – not all journeys are alike.

At the end of the meditation I recounted my story, however, it was not until a day or two later that I realised the poignancy of the message, since Joan was burnt at a wooden stake from a fire lit with kindling wood.

On a lighter note, the story title is adapted from the Donovan song – First there is a Mountain, and recalls the acorn before germination to the point where the outer shell disintegrates – then there is no acorn until, the fully grown tree produces its own acorns – then there is!

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In the darkness and the light

In the darkness rests all that I don’t want to see, all that I feel is missing from me.

In the darkness the silence dwells, the mystery, the void, maybe hell.

Or maybe is peace a joy to behold. Restful, calming, a place where I feel safe.

To venture in would be so brave, so courageous, really very bold.

It doesn’t feel like a place I can just pop to; it feels like a commitment is needed, a decision to go.

I sit in silence one eye in the light another on the dark,

One foot is always ready to bring me back in the light,

Never fully experiencing All that Is because the fear holds where the light is.


But in the distance, far in front of me

I see the Grandmother, waiting to care for me.

Her face is kind & arms are warm, the darkness

Surrounds her, but it means no harm.

I’ll step forward & put both feet in,

Succumb to the darkness & all that may bring.

It feels so warm so cosy & safe, so very

Peaceful. The quietness is like a divine embrace

I’ll stay a while & see what develops,

See what I’ve been missing, what needs to be,

Looking at this very special, unknown part of me


By Gemma Taylor

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Possibilities for 2012

This year brings us many great opportunities for transformation or alchemy, turning the old (negative) into the new (positive) which will help to create a path of greater understanding for us to walk and grow within. This is not a time for pretending everything is fine when it is not. The energies of this year are sensitive but powerful there is no place to hide now, no place for illusions or martyr behaviour that may have been our habits of the past. So expect more learning, if you thought last year was intense, with this year our progress will be magnified.

The energies that are presenting themselves to us in 2012, which we are all working with this year, are a more refined energy of sensitivity for our personal and collective understanding. Radical changes are expected on all levels not only for each individual and for our collective societies but also for mother earth, she to is transforming and responding to this awesome time in her history. ‘The planets, they are a moving and we are moving with them!’ We will experience more extremes within our elements, water, fire, air and earth. She will be expressing her truth on many levels.

We all have our TRUTH, our authentic true self that wants to emerge and show itself in all its beauty. This year we can search deeper into Self and reveal our true essence of who we truly are and fulfil our potential. To do this we must see past our fears, see past our limited egos and allow ourselves to shine. It is not a time to be bashful and insecure or to judge our past or others. We often get stuck in the illusions of the negative self beliefs; we can even wallow in it, a familiar place of self destruction so familiar that it feels comfortable! Make a choice to feel your truth; you know it is in there. For some of us this place of truth is greater than for others so help others to recognise their light by shining yours for them to see.

Time in the physical state has no constant and will be in flux, this will bring us plenty of opportunity to put into place the changes that are necessary for our transformation. Time is becoming more transient and moveable. This has an effect on the veil that separates us from the world of spirit and will create mediums of us all! As time becomes more plastic and bends to our needs, if we surrender to it, we can feel more in charge of our development and co-create with ease.

We can see beyond the obvious of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th dimension. This inter dimensional presence has always been apparent to some but now all will have this awareness. Layer upon layer is being lifted and duality becomes oneness. It will no longer be this or that but will be this AND that.

The energy that holds choice has changed in order to give us more flexibility, bringing us into oneness within choice. If you are not ready for this and are living in a state of separation believing only in singular human being-ness and not working for the collective, this change in choice will feel pressured in your everyday life. Some people will not cope easily with the higher frequencies and the downloads coming from the 4th dimension, in these cases it is important to listen to them but not to take responsibility for them. We have a personal responsibility for the higher good and some are just not going to be able to handle this. Use the tools you have learnt in your time of personal development to support the collective knowing that you are responsibly to them but not for them, so you are not held back in your own journey.

Some of the problems that you may or may not be aware of already for 2012

  • Insomnia
  • Surges of energy (with self or external to self)
  • Systems that are short circuiting( personal and global)
  • Stress or depression which appears to have no root
  • Attachments where we cannot let go
  • Control issues

Be prepared to surrender your duality and accept the downloads being offered to you. One of the best ways to keep in balance is to have integrity with our attitudes and thought forms, keeping our aura clear to give and receive. Negative thought forms will block our aura which in turn creates fear. So see you aura like it is a computer and defrag it regularly.

Part of the gifts we have is the gift of sound. By using your voice, your own personal sound frequency, you can remove any residue energy that may be trapped in your aura. Your name is sacred to you and the universal om has a fantastic resonance for unblocking energy. Chant them, feel the sound frequency moving through your aura and dispersing the particles that are no longer useful to you. I am…(name, affirmation). This is powerful medicine for the aura and the soul. We all have our own unique frequency which will harmonise our auric fields and more, so use it!

You have all that you need to support your whole journey here, if you are willing then you are able.

Love Anna x

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A Lesson in Self love…

It began way back when the world was young, desire came to control the planet and create a space of learning for god and his disciples. The energies of the beautiful earth were altered so all that consciously existed here were pushed and pulled within energies of desire.

One such creature a male of sorts found the desire hard to manage. He found himself beholden to a dark goddess who could control him with pleasure and manipulate all he thought, a great confusion came around him as though he has lost his way.

By the time he realised what was happening to him the goddess has firmly placed herself within him. She tossed and turned his soul and created emotions within him that he had never felt before. The more he resisted with anger and frustration, the stronger she held onto him. He feed himself with everything he could to satisfy him and fill the emptiness that haunted his soul. Weakened he slowly felt he was disappearing; his soul fragmented and becoming whispery, he had lost his self love.

He eventually called out in prayer to god to save him but god didn’t answer. He called out again for god to save him from this goddess of pain and desire but he heard no reply. Lost and alone he tried to work out in his head why this had happened and what he has done to deserve such suffering. But his head had no answers for him only judgements and spiteful language creating more sadness within him.

As he stood on the edge of a hundred foot cliff looking out to sea he felt like his despair had come to an end and all he has to do was to fly off the cliff into the wind and peace would come.  As he called to the wind to receive him and fulfil the promise of peace the wind called back to say that it was no promise of hers and that he was being tricked by another into beliefs and desires that would banish him to ever live in darkness and despair. Like a jolt of lightening through him he knew it was the goddess of desire taking more control of his soul, it was she who has convinced him to leap from the rocks and dive into the sea. He thanked the wind for its kindness of communication and stepped back away from this dangerous place. He felt stronger for the first time in a very long time, the kindness that the wind had shown him had created a spark within him. Not a cure from his deep despair but a glimmer of hope to take him further on to light and love.

He knew now it was up to him to choose who or what he heard. This time he prayed to god not to save him but to help him with his choices. God responded by sending one of his Angels to the male creature. A beautiful being of light appeared before him shimmering in the sunlight of the day.

“What do you desire from me?” spoke the Angel

“I do not desire anything from you as it is my desire that has made me feel alone and desperate “he replied.

“What does my presence mean to you, how can I serve you?” voiced the Angel.

The male creature thought for a moment or two about his journey so far and replied “I would love some help so I can understand myself better, to know who I am and why I am here?” “I thought I knew love but I was mistaken. I thought I was in control of my life and that no one could affect me because I was better than the desire but I was wrong.”

It was the Angel’s turn to think or a moment or two…

“I have thought about what you have said and i feel very proud that your desire is now to find true love to feed your soul. Your request to understand who you are is a request to know you are god and god is you. My gift for you today is to open your heart so that you can see yourself in truth and feel your own divine presence. Your focus of desire is now for balance and temperance, this will bring to you unconditional love for yourself and for others.”

“Are you ready for this journey?” said the Angel.

“I am ready to love and be loved. I am ready to accept the dark goddess within me and to love her for who she is.  I am ready own the choices that I make. I am ready to understand my higher self can only be heard if I am willing to listen” spoken from his heart he continued. “All I am and have been and will be is within me, total self acceptance comes from self love. I will willingly undertake my journey with god in my heart and angels by my side as I know that I am loved and that the help is always there when I am willing to help myself.” he replied.

And as he spoke these words a great light swelled in his belly. The image of a beautiful goddess rose from within him and he could feel great love all around him. She understood that this beautiful light was who she truly was and the goddess was her, the unconditional love has always been there waiting to be released by his surrender. She has found peace.

Love Anna x

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A light bulb moment…

Every day has a gift to share and this is mine to you today x

Last night I had my usual Mediumship class which I enjoy teaching and get a lot from. We always meditate and give out readings in different forms. Last night I requested reading s for myself from them all which is unusual but helps me to tune in and feel where they are in their development.
One of my students, the newest to the group in fact received insight that I feel I have to pass on. She talked about trust, trusting in our self. If you are on a firm spiritual path you have almost certainly come to trust in spirit; trusting in your spirit guides, trusting in your personal spiritual process and trusting in God. This is all valuable and very important to progress on your pathway and to understand the deeper issues of this universe. But this trust can be separate from the trust in your self and last night this really struck a chord with me!!
My pathway is strong and full of faith. I empower those around me with love and support but I also am on my journey of Divine SELF discovery, there are many missing links to discover within myself and every day is a new day of discovery!! So when Rosemary shared her words with me a light went on within my tummy that brought inspiration and connected a missing link. This link was to put trust in myself. This isn’t new to me but the timing was perfect for this illuminating moment. Through our life time we are constantly learning and sometimes we need to hear wisdom again and again, for it to filter through, for the deep self to understand.
She went on to say that if I can truly trust in myself it will remove the fear that is blocking my joy. The doubt will dissolve and the abundant universe will be able to fill me up and I will be able to consciously create for myself, side by side with the divine and follow the divine plan that is my contract and is my divine right. Divine tastic!!! I have always understood it but this morning I felt it, and when I woke up I was living it. It helped me also to let go of life being hard, a belief that many of us hold no matter what our back ground or financial status.
I am incredibly grateful for this wisdom and its timing. Rosemary also spoke of gratitude, not just being grateful to the universe and those around us but being grateful to ourselves for rising to life’s challenges and learning from them. Grateful to ourselves for the choices we have made whether they have created a smooth path or a rocky road to walk and simply grateful for being the amazing person that you are inside and outside.
Thank you so much for listening I know it’s been a long one to read!!! My prayer is that you too can feel this knowledge and turn it into your very own wisdom. Maybe today or another day, it does not matter for each day brings its gifts, sometimes big lightening ones and sometimes a tiny spark but each one is a gift to cherish and share.
Love and blessings Anna x

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