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First there is an acorn

Early last year, I attended Anna Taylor’s Medium’s class as a relative newcomer.

As usual, Anna set out the guide lines for that evening’s meditation. We should all try to visualize an acorn through its development into a tree and, if possible, take a message from each stage of its development – stressing to me, that I should concentrate on its early development underground before its ascendency.

After our usual preparation of deep breathing and sending our roots down to Mother Earth, I waited.

It was a while before the rain came to germinate the seed. But it did. And I could see the acorn growing to a sapling, when, surprisingly, it was transplanted.

Soon after, I became conscious of the sound of a buzz-saw and could see my sapling growing in an area of cultivation.

  At this time, my spirit companion, St Joan, showed me a long plank of wood, trimmed and ready for use. And whilst the sapling grew into a sturdy oak tree, the image of the plank remained.

Joan’s message was that while the spirit of the tree longs to grow in height and provide homes for birds and other wildlife, it submits to the needs of the planter.

  In the same way, whilst we may desire a long and happy life we must also submit to God’s plan for us – not all journeys are alike.

At the end of the meditation I recounted my story, however, it was not until a day or two later that I realised the poignancy of the message, since Joan was burnt at a wooden stake from a fire lit with kindling wood.

On a lighter note, the story title is adapted from the Donovan song – First there is a Mountain, and recalls the acorn before germination to the point where the outer shell disintegrates – then there is no acorn until, the fully grown tree produces its own acorns – then there is!

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The Veil is Getting Thinner

As the veil is getting thinner so it will be easier to contact those on the other side.

So how best to do this?

This will depend on what you find most comfortable – indoors, say with a candle and the picture of a loved one you wish to connect with, or outside in your garden, or, in a place that they used to inhabit.  Either way, you must be alone, without interruption and preferably having breathed deeply and sent down your roots to mother earth.

If you prefer to sit in the garden, dress to suit the weather – no formal wear in the summer, or swimwear in the winter!

When you are settled find a patch of blue sky and ask if there is anyone who    

would like to talk. Then sit quietly, wait and listen.

When you do hear a voice, if it was from your past family or a loved one you will recognise it. Generally, they just want you to know they are fine and that they have been following your activities. Sometimes, they may ask you to visit or telephone someone they think is in need.

Many people have said to me that they hear voices but can’t be sure they haven’t invented them. The important thing here is to remember the words they say, for they may use a phrase, or name you are not familiar with. This, when you recall it, will confirm the reality.

  For instance, I had an uncle come through who wanted me to connect him to his sister, and called her by a name rarely used by my family.    

  On another occasion, while waiting to attend a Christmas lunch with colleges, I wandered into the National Gallery. Here, accidentally, I came across “The Last Supper” by Leonardo de Vinci. Drawn to its content and eventually entranced, I heard Jesus say, “When you eat, you eat with me.”     

  An apt remark, considering my forthcoming meal, and certainly not one I would have imagined.

A word of warning; if you hear a voice that troubles you, ask it three times, “Are you from the light.”  No bad spirit can answer yes for the third time.

Finally, if love is your driver do not give up. Remember St Theresa of Avila’s prayer: “Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you;

all things are passing; God never changes; patience obtains all things.”


Michael Church on Platform, February 2012

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