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Energies of 2015

As always Kay’s talk is very in-depth, which makes it hard to do justice to it with words taken from notes? This year Kay spoke about each number that is contained in the vibration of 2015. Here is the summery of her talk.

This will be an important year for everyone personally and globally. We are at a tipping point in our evolution.

Each year carries the seed for the next year. While we have been in 2014, the seed for 2015 has been brewing under the surface. The first shoots of 2015 have broken through and the seed for 2016 has been planted.

Each person will be having a very personal experience. Everyone will need their own space, to deal with this intense growth period, in their own way. For those who like to get involved and help others will find it more beneficial to take a step back and allow others to struggle, so that they can learn for themselves from the choices they have made so far. We cannot live anyone else’s lives for them, no matter how hard life may be for them. Trust that there is a divine plan in action that may not be apparent in physical terms but will make itself clear when the time is right.

The new energy resonates with the number 5 as its soul vibration. As human beings we are brilliant at finding ways around life to avoid or cope with uncomfortable situations. When this is on a physical level it is easy to practice denial but on a soul level nothing and nobody can hide. The requirements of the soul are powered by divine intention and cannot be ignored. Our soul will always lead us into an exact situation which will ignite the soul path we have contracted to walk.

We now walk through the numbers starting at the last number which as we know this year is a 5 and represents the soul vibration, to 2 which represents the physical vibration for this year.

The vibration of number 5 brings a wonderful chaotic energy which creates change and invention, there is an imbalance and unevenness to 5 energy which can be spiky and unpredictable.

This year will bring more awakening of the spiritual from the physical because 5 energy bursts the boundaries of the reality that we perceive we live in (the 3rd dimension) and stretches us to our limit.

Time is speeding up and our egos will try to keep us in the old boundaries that it is familiar with, this will create inner and outer conflict if we don’t go with the new flow of earth’s energy.

What does this breaking of boundaries mean?

It means that communication on all levels will be out of sync. We communicate constantly with our body, our higher self, our lower self, mother earth and the universe, as well as the outward communication with others within our relationships. All these types of communication will be affected.

Sometimes nothing works for a while then it resets itself. This will be on a surface level all the way down to cellular level. Our cellular interactions will now be different. This is happening now and as the energies of the new year start in the old year, this has been happening to us all for a while now and will be different for each one of us depending on what changes need to be made.

Reality is unravelling. Trying to keep it in the box is not easy or recommended. We are running to catch up physically, this leads to exhaustion. We are feeling tired and that we need more sleep but our minds are too scrambled to rest. This is where your mindfulness training comes into its own.

Intention is important, twinned with willingness as the chaos is abundant.   Chaos is a method of purification. No one can hide in chaos; strength is needed as the norms go out the window. Shifts in the magnetic field of the planet create the shifts within us. Our shield is the willingness to evolve.

We will encounter short term memory loss, cognitive sequencing and rational behaviour will be turned on its head. Mother earth has all we need to navigate this challenging time. By connecting to her vast and powerful light and bringing it up into our being will help to expose what needs to be changed and ease the process of transformation. We must be honest in all ways at all times, denial will hold us back and slow us down. It is time to grow up.

The qualities of number 1 give the direction and propulsion which is moving us forward whether we like it or not! It is the starter motor. Within it there is will and divine power connecting us to nature and source, urging us on to make the changes we need to become our true and authentic self.

When number one is combined with number five and becomes the number 15 the energies increase. At the beginning of the 2000’s we were eased into the new energies with the low numbers, as we move further into the 2000’s this energy becomes more and more refined in its qualities as well as becoming faster in its responses. So if you feel that last year went fast this year will be even quicker! There is a need to keep up by living in the moment and not holding on to the past.

Number 15 is a decision maker. We can now be aware of the choices that are available to us. No longer can we just work from the default mechanism that we have created from our past experiences. Our understanding of duality is much more apparent i.e. essence/form, angel/devil, and good/bad. We start to understand that there is no separation in this duality and that everything exists as a whole and for a purpose. There is no good and bad as this concept comes from the egoic will and not from the higher self/will. Number 15 is about choices and where we make our choices from is key. If we make our choices from the higher self, the divine self, we find that we may not choose the obvious easy choice or the choice from habit or old structured conditioning. We can now have a sense of a wider choice that will create a deeper path of personal understand which leads us out of illusion and into inner peace.

From the 1 and 5 we come to 6 (1+5=6). Number 6 gives us introspection and a chance to go deeper into understanding the self. It has the potential of great discovery but also the potential of self obsession. Like the salt on your dinner number six sprinkles its qualities and flavours number 15 with idealism, devotion, perfectionism, high ideals and self destructive tendencies. There is an element of self sacrifice which can lead to martyrdom if we are lead from my will and not from thy will.

We have a zero. This in numerology is a lens. It can help us gain perspective, focus and clarity to our life path. This may be uncomfortable for some as we start to recognise illusions of the past but very useful for those who want to see the deeper aspects of their egoic responses.

The last number in this year’s sequence is number 2. We have been in 2 energy for 15 years and its effects are becoming more apparent every year. But we are still in the beginning. I wonder how it was in 1015 with the vibrancies of one energy being the physical focus in the beginning of its journey. We all came in this time round at the end of the journey of one energy where it had been influencing the planet for 2 thousand years. It is easy to see the dynamic effect it has had on our evolution. The last century exploded with engineering and technology. It also saw the emerging equality for women, which is no surprise as the energies of 2000 were already coming in during the 1900’s in preparation for the new 2 energy which now dominates our time.

The number 2 brings the ray of love and wisdom. If we correlate it to the chakra system it resonates with the sacral chakra which is the seat of sensuality and feeling. Love is the feeling but it needs to connect with the higher chakras rather than only reacting from the sacral. By connecting to our higher heart and bringing the energy down to support the sacral chakra, we won’t be stuck in the bleeding heart of our own self pity; we will be able to see the higher part we are playing in all of humanity. This will take the compassion of the higher reasoning and help us to trust the bigger picture that we cannot yet see. Love and wisdom is what holds the solar system together and we are a reflection of this, by trusting our wisdom and focusing on love we can navigate uncertainty with confidence.

For the next set of numbers in this numerology I would like to clarify the value of numerology and why it exists at all. Humankind are very powerful beings that can create and destroy at will. Whatever we focus on, create and believe in becomes reality. If you believe that we are separate from the divine source (or God) then you will not understand this. But once we comprehend our divinity in unity we can easily see that we are co-creating our reality as a part of the whole. You and your god have no separation. The world does not do unto you but it creates from within you.

So the creation of measuring time became a real concept and activated another level of energetic responses on the planet. It took a while for each country to adopt the calendar we use today. But now it is firmly in place and a global concept that has created the numerology we can use today. The understanding of numerology is an old concept that has been modernised and now we use it as a useful tool for measuring the potential value and quality of time.

So this brings me to the next bit where we look at the value of 20. The reason for this is simply that we now say twenty fifteen and therefore it becomes alive from the focus it receives.

The value of 20 resonates with divine feminine energy and the creative principle. This beautiful goddess energy has been with us for over a decade but is still in its infancy. It has shyness and can be a little vague because it is not quite sure of itself yet!

The goddess energy of 20 helps with the blending process for bringing the spiritual into matter (physical). It brings us together as a collective and helps us to work as a team, personally and globally. We are, at present, re-defining the boundaries of this new and exciting time.

The next number we look at is 35. We come to this as 20 + 15 = 35.

With number 35 we find the ability to self create. This is self creativity of the multi-dimensional self. It highlights the obstacles thrown up by our ego self which can try and take over but by seeing and feeling from our divine self we can bring all our aspects of self together (physical, emotional, spiritual, etherical.) There are challenges with 35 but with awareness we can reveal the opportunities that these challenges bring and move to the next level.

We now add 3 & 5 together which brings in number 8. This divine number offers us balance, the balance of our physical and spiritual self. It helps us to break down the old to let in the new, so habits and patterns are highlighted in order to be broken and new ways of being come into play. It assists us with our evolution on all levels.

Human beings are light bearers, number 8 helps with the realisation of self as the containers of light. We have the ability to manifest and constantly do but what are we manifesting? Is it heaven or hell?

There is so much noise in our lives today, with the distraction of various media influence we rarely find stillness and peace. This prevents the light from filling our structure and stops us from feeling connected to our divine self. Without stillness and presence we will not live our true life but a life of illusion as the ego self will think it is in charge.

We are beings of light and love. We must now be aware of this in all aspects of our lives, in every minute of every day. For those of you who attend meditation or awareness classes, brilliant, but you must bring what you learn into your everyday life. It is not enough just to attend a class once a week and “do your spirituality”, now you must be it in all that you do. This way we are feeding the collective conscious with love and light and helping humanity to transform.

Your true and natural self is emerging. By taking responsibility for ourselves we remove the suffering that causes us pain and we can then lead by example to those who are not quite there yet. You must come first, your body belongs to Mother earth and is divine presence in itself. By taking responsibility for your body and listening to its cries for help you enable the purification process needed for transformation to authentic self. From there we can help the planet and then the whole.


We all have a unique frequency that supports our journey. The universe has its own sound which we recognise as OHM. BY chanting OHM we resonate with the universe, which can help to bring balance to our being on all levels.

You can connect to your own sound from your name. By chanting the open sounds in your name i.e. the vowels of your Christian name, you can bring wholeness to your being on a personal level and hear your body and spirit as one.

Listen and feel – where in your body can you feel the sound resonating?

The sound is light vibration and it increases with intention. Place whatever you wish within your intention, love, gratitude, peace, authenticity etc. As the light infuses with your body your frequency increases.

If you are interested in sound healing Kay offers sessions in Godalming. Her details are on the light workers hub of taylorlightcreates.com which will be updated soon to include the sound healing and her new number which is 01483 415128.

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Spiritual Magic

Magic is creative energy.

Our social understanding of magic holds the view that magic is illusions or tricks that are presented to us by magicians and illusionist, or that it dark and evil and not to be trusted because it is unsafe and can destroy rather than create.

We have lost faith in true magic as an energy source available to all. The underworld or magical kingdom of fairies and the unseen creatures of god help mother earth to keep order. They work wholly with magic and will help us when called upon them to boost our magical gifts to create.

The real magic is universal magic. By changing your perception of magic you will be able to unlock your own power and this will allow you to embrace your own god and enable you to help the world become a more magical place. Whether it is good or bad magic depends on your intention and your definition of good and bad. The universe will respond equally to all.

We feel magic in our hands, we are where we are today because of the magic we create with our hands. In our culture we shake hands as a greeting of respect, exchanging our energy, offering our magic.  If you have ever given or received healing you will have experienced the magic of the universe through your hands or body which brings you into balance with the universe. By balance I mean unity or oneness, dissolving separation between your chakras and opening up communication.

The creative magic of the universe is available to all of us. This powerful life force is constant and unlimited. Some people are abundant with this life force; communicating with the resonance and sound of the universe enabling them to co-create.

We create magic with our thoughts and our actions. It is our choices that define the magic that we use and these choices draw magic to us in each moment of each and every night and day. For most of us this is an unconscious state of being and can be fraught with negativity. We have the power to create or to destroy.

To understand your own personal magic you will need to understand a little of who you are and the potential that you hold. Locked within your being is your potential which can often be hidden within your archetypes.

Very often we are stuck in illusions that create negative self beliefs. These negative beliefs push their way forward into our conscious making judgements and criticisms, our illusionary truth and stop our authentic self being heard.

Which archetype is shouting the loudest and having the biggest intact on your truth?

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The Veil is Getting Thinner

As the veil is getting thinner so it will be easier to contact those on the other side.

So how best to do this?

This will depend on what you find most comfortable – indoors, say with a candle and the picture of a loved one you wish to connect with, or outside in your garden, or, in a place that they used to inhabit.  Either way, you must be alone, without interruption and preferably having breathed deeply and sent down your roots to mother earth.

If you prefer to sit in the garden, dress to suit the weather – no formal wear in the summer, or swimwear in the winter!

When you are settled find a patch of blue sky and ask if there is anyone who    

would like to talk. Then sit quietly, wait and listen.

When you do hear a voice, if it was from your past family or a loved one you will recognise it. Generally, they just want you to know they are fine and that they have been following your activities. Sometimes, they may ask you to visit or telephone someone they think is in need.

Many people have said to me that they hear voices but can’t be sure they haven’t invented them. The important thing here is to remember the words they say, for they may use a phrase, or name you are not familiar with. This, when you recall it, will confirm the reality.

  For instance, I had an uncle come through who wanted me to connect him to his sister, and called her by a name rarely used by my family.    

  On another occasion, while waiting to attend a Christmas lunch with colleges, I wandered into the National Gallery. Here, accidentally, I came across “The Last Supper” by Leonardo de Vinci. Drawn to its content and eventually entranced, I heard Jesus say, “When you eat, you eat with me.”     

  An apt remark, considering my forthcoming meal, and certainly not one I would have imagined.

A word of warning; if you hear a voice that troubles you, ask it three times, “Are you from the light.”  No bad spirit can answer yes for the third time.

Finally, if love is your driver do not give up. Remember St Theresa of Avila’s prayer: “Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you;

all things are passing; God never changes; patience obtains all things.”


Michael Church on Platform, February 2012

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Why join a Development Circle?

I would like to share with you some of the benefits of working within a development circle. Listed below are a few areas that will be brought to any good development circle.

  • Love – to understand Divine love and how to love yourself.
  • Focus – to learn how to be in the present.
  • Balance – to bring the mind/body/spirit into balance.
  • Nourishment – to nourish your being with divine love.
  • Grounding – connecting to mother earth which enables us to manifest our needs.
  • Release – letting go of worries and past traumas
  • Learning – to receive wisdom and knowledge
  • Guidance – help for everyday as well as for spiritual growth.
  • Communication – making contact with ancestors and loved ones that have past into spirit.

visit www.taylorlightcreates.co.uk to find spiritual/mediumship development classes in the Surrey area.

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The Energies of 2011.

Here we are in 2011 and already the year has brought us global challenges. Mother earth continues to move her mighty elements causing mayhem for human beings within their settlements and soaring energies confuse the animal kingdom in their natural habitats.

The energies for 2011 will not be subtle. Throughout the year the numerology shows us moving through different and dynamic energies that will help us to shape and change our present and bring spiritual awareness to us all.

The vibration of the number 11 creates the energies of self-mastery this will help us to understand who we are in our essence and bring truth to our being. Self knowledge is self power and will need discipline to master. By the lifting of the veils of our illusions we can see clearly who we truly are and purify ourselves from the emotional and physical toxins that we have gathered from a life of human doing! Be honest with yourself; see yourself through non judgemental hearts. Know you are not perfect and accept this with love.  The time now is not about religion or social conditioning this is about self love, truth and unity.

As the energies of 2011 ramps up its power  and we are going faster through the energies of this year some of us will try and counter act our feelings and emotions by pretending all is FINE!! Others will just hang on tight and live within fear. You will not find a safe place to be if you hide from this powerful changing force. The only safe place there is now is within a discerning heart and a non judgemental mind this will remove the fear. It is our thoughts that have become so powerful. Energy has always followed thought but now the energy is moving faster and faster, all communications and actions have more power than before therefore it is even more vital that we become conscious in the here and now, living in the conscious present. The thoughts and actions of last year are being made manifest ‘what we have put out so we shall receive.’ Manifestation on earth shall be our reality.  This includes all the great stuff we have put into place. For those on their spiritual path who are working with their highest truth this year will be an amazing year for development and wisdom. If self love has eluded you up until now, this year will bring it into your heart through the creative energies of the 11 combined with the personal and spiritual disciplines that you have firmly put into place.

To cope with the speed of this increasing energy it is important to change our own energy to match it. If we are within the right vibration we will go with the flow, if not we will be chasing our tails!! This will not be done for us; we will need to do this ourselves as we have a personal responsibility to the self and to the universe that we live in. In order to feel connected and safe right now it is important to recognise our own sense of peace and to live in unity with others. Remove ourselves from our own dramas and don’t play out the dramas of other!   ”Choose Peace!”

January’s energy brings opportunities to change and move in different directions, to do new things and bring in new ways of thinking. February focuses on sacrifice and heroic action and so the year unravels. I don’t want to predict so I won’t go on. It’s not about what will happen but about how we feel within ourselves because all is changing so rapidly. As a medium I have noticed from the turn of last year it has been getting harder and harder to get a fix on specific happenings, only the potential is visible from the heart so predictions are uncertain, this dis-enables us to be attached thus allowing us to live with detachment.   

To maximise your potential in 2011 move your awareness out of the head and into the HEART. Give the mind a rest! And let the heart do the work, it is ready and willing to bring you knowledge and to connect fully with your spirit so we can flow with the chaos rather than against it. Unlike previous years this year we will have to accept that if we miss an opportunity, it has gone forever. If we surrender to this powerful divine energy that is being offered to us another opportunity may come along but nothing will be repeated, nothing will be the same again, each moment is a unique and precious gift. This will require us to make many leaps of faith. The more we leap the more confidence we will have and the more we can trust in the intuition of our truth.

The number 11 is known in numerology as a mirror number which means the first number mirrors the second. The value of the first mirrors the value of the second this creates a build up energy so this year the energy of ‘one’ will be increasing its power more and more through the year ahead.  The value of the ‘one’ within its positive state is creativity, high energy, impulsive, action, inspirational service and to feel safe and secure in the self. The value of the ‘one’ energy within its negative state will create feelings of being blocked, stuck and frustrated this will lead to lethargy, insecurity and illness. Because of the mirror the ‘one’ energy is revved right up so if you live within the positive true self this year you have within you the potential to be very dynamic and creative: your manifestations will be powerful and you will feel safe and connected to divine magic. If however you are not living your truth and are hiding behind the veils of illusions then the reality will be in reverse. I do not mean to scare you but there is no room for illusions anymore. This is not a fluffy time of existence if you do not stand in your truth you may be ‘sucked up by the universal Hoover’.

So to sum up, our focus must now be on our spiritual connection to divine love. This includes the love you have for yourself and for others. Use your breath to dispel fear from your body, allow nature to be your best friend. Be in full awareness of your thoughts and your spoken words keeping judgement and negativity at bay this will help you to co-create your reality with the divine consciousness. Create space for spiritual practice everyday and learn to BE not just to do!!

Be mindful of the way that you think and speak

Keep your heart in what you say and think

Try and see another’s point of view

Use your breath to earth and connect you to all that is


Trust in the divine design and your intuition

It has been my pleasure talking to you today. If you have any questions or comments I will gratefully receive them. My love and blessing go with you through 2011.

Love Anna x

Further Reading on personal numerology “The life you were born to live” by Dan Millman.

This has been written by Anna Taylor from a talk given by Kay Kraty on the Energies of 2011. Thanks Kay x

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